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rrepp believes you perform better when your conscience is clear.

That’s why every single one of our products is manufactured according to strict Fairtrade and ethical standards. Protecting not only the planet but also those who live on it. From the organic growers of our natural raw materials, through to the wonderful people who put the final stitch to our products, and of course, those who wear and play with them. Allowing you to look, perform and feel your best. We strive for transparency and fairness by putting the environment and the people who make our products first. Coz the planet’s watching - always !

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One small change in the way we act today, will be an important key ...

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transparency & fairness

Hamabai has 2 daughters, 3 sons and 1 grand daughter

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In Turkey they're using wind from passing buses to rotate wind vanes and #solar panels, creating electricity to power 20,000 homes. We have the solutions to the #climate crisis, the only thing missing is the political WILL & vision to implement them #lackingleadership #scottmorrison
10.12.2018 at 11:21
FLASH XMAS COMPETITION FOR OUR SUPPORTERS WIN !!! WIN !!! WIN !!! Three of these awesome Size 4 #Fairtrade Match Soccer Balls are SOLD, yet the other one we want to GIVEAWAY. For your chance to WIN just SHARE this post then TAG a friend in the COMMENTS. The lucky winner will be drawn on Sunday night with the Ball sent to you pronto via courier on Monday in plenty of time for Xmas. And don't forget - our FREE Fairtrade T-shirt & Cap Xmas Offer via our online shop is still on as well - yet not for much longer - so check it out here and grab yourself a bargain Fairtrade Australia https://www.rrepp.com.au/shop/category/11/shop-street-gear
06.12.2018 at 09:08
Check out our NEW Fairtrade certified Match quality Rugby League Ball Designs. PRETTY SHARP HEY ! Plus with a % of all purchases going back to our ball stitching communities in need. And for the next 2 weeks exclusive to our Facebook Supporters, if you buy one of our Size 5 or Size 4 MOD balls, we'll throw in a FREE Size 3 Mini ball to help fill up those Chrissie stockings. Grab em while you can ! SHARE & TAG your Rugby League mates. Offer ends 14th December Fairtrade Australia https://www.rrepp.com.au/shop/category/25/rugby-league-balls
01.12.2018 at 10:15
Xmas is expensive. So this year rrepp is going to give everyone a helping hand with some FANTASTIC FAIRTRADE FREEBIES - THREE Gifts for the price of ONE to be exact - no limits - a 60% SAVING. So when purchasing one of our newly created ethically made #Organic & #Fairtrade Unisex Tee's, you can now also grab one of our RREPP branded Caps PLUS a RREPP branded Tee absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Simply go to our online shop https://www.rrepp.com.au/shop/category/11/shop-street-gear and make your purchases. Then please SHARE this RREPPTASTIC Christmas offer with all of your friends and family OR Tag a friend to share the love :) :) :) Fairtrade Australia #ethicalpurchasing #kriskringle #HoHoHo
29.11.2018 at 20:08
ACTUAL REALITY - hopefully it will make a come back one day !!!
28.11.2018 at 06:59
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