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"Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) recognises the enormous achievements of their employees from around the world with an annual Global Gathering held in July each year to celebrate their success.

2018 was in Berlin, and 2019 was in Las Vegas, and we asked RREPP to deliver over 3500 branded Organic & Fairtrade Tees for all delegates and sponsors to wear at these conferences.  Managing different quantities and sizes for 4 custom designs with specific quantities and sizes of each design delivered to 5 different hotels in Berlin without a hiccup was a true testament to Scott and his team’s capabilities.  Keeping us up to date on the whole process from cotton growers, spinning, dyeing, checking pantone match, printing, freight and delivery, we knew we were in capable hands with one less thing to worry about for an event of this size.

During the CSR segment at the conference, reference was made to the Organic & Fairtade Tees, and RREPP as a social justice enterprise, as the whole journey embodied FCTG Brighter Futures program – Building Brighter Futures, Where We Work, Live and Travel."

Jennifer Pole

Executive Producer, FCM Meetings & Events, Flight Centre


"The Salisbury East Junior Soccer Club is based in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. In 2020 despite an interrupted season and a lot of uncertainty, our committee began to discuss the need for equipment for the following year. Part of this was the need for some replacement balls. As someone strongly interested in Fairtrade items and buying ethically where possible, I raised RREPP's soccer balls as a choice for replacing our tired and worn out ones. We already had our own family RREPP soccer ball, so I knew that the quality and most importantly the ethics of the company were excellent.

This was met with some resistance initially due to the higher price compared to our normal choice. However with some good discussions over a number of months, and a successful grant application, the committee voted in favour of buying enough Fairtrade balls to meet the needs of three of our teams. While this is just a start to moving all our balls to Fairtrade, it makes me smile every time we train, knowing that we've adjusted our budget to the benefit of others."

Rachel Griffin

Salisbury East Junior Soccer Club South Australia

"Scott from RREPP supplied our school with 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified cotton sport polos. We have been so impressed not only with the fabulous quality and softness of the material, but also the meticulous detail with which Scott replicated our school logo and colours. The service he provided was very professional and he shows a dedication and passion for his products that is inspiring.

I would recommend every school give their children the chance to wear a polo that is made of natural fibre and non toxic dyes and most importantly manufactured by fairly compensated workers."  

Lane Cove West Public School P&C

"Looking back some thirty five years ago, I can still remember those cold winter nights at training. We would always begin with a warm up, a run around the field and the same routine ball drills. The memory of fifteen young boys sprinting as fast as possible to the big bag of soccer balls is still fresh. All had one mission in mind; to grab the best balls first! It was always a mixed bag filled with only one or two nice, soft, balls. These were followed by the remaining hard, torn, worn and outright atrocious ones. 

Fast forward thirty five years. Having two daughters it is only natural that I’ve become a huge supporter of women’s football. Being asked to coach at the C/C Strikers is a job that I have truely embraced. I’m coaching a great bunch of girls and have tremendous support from parents and extended family. Unfortunately, the training kit I received at the start of the season reminded me of that same kit from thirty five years ago.

However, partnering up with Scott has changed all that! His provision of the RREPP Fairtrade balls has encouraged myself, the team and the parents to not only start thinking ethically but it has also improved our football as a team in a way that has surprised many. This new kit has taken training to a whole new level. Made with high quality materials, the RREPP balls provide a sweet strike and superb foot control making training both enjoyable and rewarding. Having sixteen RREPP balls of the same bright colour and with an alluring design not only gives the players a great sense of professionalism but also an immense sense of pride as a team.

As the coach it’s my job to not only advance the team in football but also encourage equality. I believe that is exactly what the RREPP ball represents. I look forward to partnering with RREPP for many years to come."

David Mule

W14/3 Soccer Coach CC/Strikers

"On Track Expeditions runs treks across the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, and we teamed up with RREPP to provide uniforms for our local staff. The quality of the shirts was excellent, they looked great, and it was nice to know that the materials and manufacture followed ethical and sustainable processes. Scott could not have been more helpful. We ran into the inevitable problems and delays with customs and bureaucracy in shipping the shirts into PNG, yet Scott worked tirelessly to ensure that the product was delivered to us as quickly as possible." 

Richard James

Owner - On Track Expeditions


“We have partnered with RREPP for our annual National Titles Tournament from 2015-2019. 850 of Australia’s best Christian footballers competing out on the parks for glory and showing Australia the game we all love to play. We have found both balls we have utilized, the International Galaxy Pro in 2015 and the International Phoenix Pro in 2016-2019 to be of the highest standard, with these balls clearly enhancing our players capabilities on the park.

As an organization we believe it is of the utmost importance to give our players the best quality balls available for this tournament. To be able to do this and also ensure they meet our needs to be dealing with companies committed to ethical production facilities, made this partnership the perfect match. We can’t thank Scott and RREPP enough for their fantastic support, and for fulfilling our requests professionally within the short time-frames that were set. We love the ball but we are even prouder to endorse the efforts of RREPP and their commitment to Fairtrade ”

Russell Lee

President Christian Football Federation Australia


"I was hunting for a special gift for my football mad colleagues - I had heard that a Sydney based social enterprise, RREPP, were developing a World Class International Soccer Ball that was the first of its kind to be Fairtrade certified. It seemed a no-brainer to support a company that is working to eliminate child labour and exploitation within the sports ball manufacturing industry. I can't thank RREPP enough for the seamless service and reliable delivery to the UK, but more importantly for what they are doing for others who are rarely given a voice. Keep up the great work."     

Craig Pearce

Screenwriter - Will / The Great Gatsby / Moulin Rouge / Romeo + Juliet / Strictly Ballroom


"The Victorian Churches Football Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation that has been running competitions since 1983, and is the Victorian Branch of Christian Football Federation Australia. We exist to bring glory to God through participation in a church-oriented soccer competition organised for Saturday play. To promote Christian friendship between players, officials, and supporters of participating teams, and to foster the development of soccer skills and the understanding that it is of paramount importance that all games be played in the best spirit of Christian sportsmanship.  

We chose to use RREPP's Fairtrade match balls because not only are they high-quality, they are also highly empowering. We are well aware that purchasing Fairtrade certified products can assist in reducing poverty, encourage environmentally friendly production methods, and safeguard humane working conditions. All of which are important to us as a Christian Organisation. We are proud to support small businesses like RREPP who are trying to change the world, one soccer ball at a time."

Nicola Westwood

General Manager - Victorian Churches Football Association (VCFA)


"We've discussed with our elite players about their thoughts on RREPP's Phoenix Pro ball, and watched them move it around. Every player that we spoke with said similarly - the ball is outstanding. It holds shape, responds equally well in both hot and cold temperatures and has a controllable flight which eliminates unexpected and unwanted loss of direction often found in other top balls.

Players want to feel confident that when they hit the ball correctly it will respond to the touch so that delivery in patterns of play can be precise. Elite players spend hundreds of hours developing technique so that execution is first-rate when it counts. They need the ball they're working with to be at the same standard of excellence, and in the RREPP Phoenix Pro, we are confident we have such a ball."

Matt Jorgensen

National Director of Coaching Christian Football Federation Australia


"Waverley College was looking to invest in some Fairtrade sports gear as part of our commitment to the social justice program for the school. RREPP provided some outstanding gear which included high quality playing equipment for our winter sports teams. Our students love playing rugby with the match balls that were purchased at very competitive prices without losing any quality. 

Scott was great with his advice and recommendations and our commitment to Fairtrade equipment is something that Waverley College is proud of and something we have promoted amongst our community."

Stephen O'Donnell

Acting Director of Co-Curricular - Waverley College


“We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to RREPP for supplying 150 Fairtrade Rugby League footballs to the Mona Vale Raiders Club. As a community based business we are extremely conscious of the need to “give back” and our involvement with the Raiders goes back over 12 years. 

Partnering with RREPP and spreading the Fairtrade message to the children at the club was an ideal vehicle by which we could provide practical support, and feedback on the quality of the balls has also been outstanding. Once again, thanks for all your great support.” 

Nik Vuko 

Principal – Domain Residential Northern Beaches, Sydney (Sponsor Mona Vale Raiders Rugby League Club)


"I met Scott Goddard, the Director of RREPP, at a local Pittwater RSL Football Club Gala Day, where they provided Fairtrade certified Soccer Balls for the event. RREPP are ethically producing a range of Fairtrade sports balls, and are one of only a small handful of businesses worldwide producing sports balls in this way. Their manufacturing initiatives are inspiring, are entirely within disadvantaged communities, and 16.5% of all RREPP's purchases goes back into fairtrade and social justice initiatives both in our own Asia / Pacific region, and farther afield.

I congratulate Scott and RREPP on this unique ethical business model, and wish the Company all the very best in the future."

Dr Rob Stokes MP

Member for Pittwater


“I was given the opportunity to try RREPP's FIFA Quality Pro Tested Fairtrade International Evolution ball and their high tech thermally bonded International Galaxy Pro soccer ball and was immediately impressed with the feel of them to pass and shoot with. They kept their shape extremely well and travelled with precision when kicked with force over longer distances. Fantastic for Clubs looking for higher tier durable match and training balls, or even for the Professional Player still refining their game.” 

John Hutchinson 

Central Coast Mariners FC A-League


"I recently purchased 10 Fairtrade Match Soccer Balls from RREPP for training this year for my Women's Soccer team. The reason I initially went with the RREPP balls over the more cheaply made soccer balls was that they were Fairtrade certified, which means no child labour, and workers getting paid a fair wage from start to finish. I have worked all my life as a tradie, so people getting paid fairly for their work is something that is very important to me.

The balls have also proven to be of exceptional quality, and I've only had to pump them up once throughout the season which means the natural latex bladders are also of a very high standard. The players have loved the way the ball feels when kicked, and often say that the RREPP balls are much better than the actual match balls we play with on game day. I have had nothing but positive feedback since adding rrepp's Fairtrade Soccer Balls to our training kit, so they have definitely been a very worthwhile purchase for my team."

Dave Pugh

Coach of Pittwater RSL FC Ladies WL2


"After adding a few RREPP balls to our regular training kit this season I have been very impressed with the product. My team of Under 9 boys rush to grab one of the rrepp balls as soon as I open the kit bag and always select the RREPP balls for the end of training match.

The RREPP balls have outlasted the other balls in the kit, need re-inflating less often and are the perfect weight, balance and 'feel' to play with. Best of all you get all of this at a competitive price and the assurance that you are doing your bit to ensure the ethical and considerate treatment of others - a value all coaches should seek to impart to their charges"

John Williams

Coach of Under 9 Cheetahs, Beacon Hill Football Club


“As a Fairtrade certified school we wanted to partner with a sports ball supplier that not only matched our own focus on ethical purchasing, yet who could also provide us with a range of high quality products. And RREPP was one of few businesses throughout Australia that was able to fit this brief perfectly. 

Our students are now playing with longer lasting match quality Fairtrade certified sports balls, knowing that the purchases our College has made are also having a positive impact on the communities that rrepp helps support.”

Fadi Elbarbar

Social Justice Coordinator at St Monica’s College, Epping, Victoria


“We partnered with RREPP for our key annual global executive conference held in Berlin. And with this particular conference taking place during the Soccer World Cup, rrepp produced more than 200 Fairtrade Soccer Balls for all our delegates, branding them exclusively with our Company logo.

We then combined this with the United Nations ILO Red Card To Child Labour Campaign as part of our own social responsibility theming. We can’t thank RREPP enough for their fantastic support, and for fulfilling our requests professionally within the short time-frames that were set.”

Gregory Lording 

Global General Manager at FCm Travel Solutions – a division of the Flight Centre Travel Group 


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