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australian ethical fashion report

In 2013 the fatal Rana Plaza clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh claimed the lives of over 1100 workers, and is now recorded as the second worst industrial accident of all time. The event sparked the collective conscience of consumers, retailers, investors and governments to start knowing more about the people who are making our clothes, and the conditions they are working under.

The 2017 Australian Ethical Fashion Report compiled by Baptist World Aid Australia (BWA) assessed over 300 Fashion Brands across Australia, and whether they understand their supply chains, and are protecting their workers from exploitation, the practices of modern day slavery, and child labour. Companies were awarded grades from 'A+' to 'F' (Fail), with RREPP achieving the highest 'A+' grade ranking in Australia for its ethical approach to doing business with its suppliers, and through its full and transparent understanding of its supply chains within its Internationally recognised third party Fairtrade Certification, and support of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which also embraces critical environmental and social criteria.

To see all the gradings, you can download the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report HERE plus a full disclosure of RREPP's supply chain can be found here 


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