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Ethical School Uniform Polo's That Support PEOPLE & PLANET !

So your School has fantastic sustainability programs with a focus on people and planet. Yet have you ever thought about how your School's Uniform Polo's are being made ? 

If not then it's time to talk dirty ! With over 5 million conventionally made School Uniform Polo's being worn in over 10,000 Australian Schools every year, the absolute vast majority of these uniforms are being produced under a 'fast fashion' business model. A model that supports one of the biggest polluting industries in the world, and one of the most exploitive from a worker's perspective. 

It's not something our major School uniform suppliers like talking about, as none throughout the whole of Australia have the Organic and Fairtrade supply chains and ethical production models in place that RREPP has developed over the past 6 years since launching. We've put PEOPLE and PLANET first, with the outcomes being a clean and ethical product that can be worn with a clear conscience.

So is Ethical fund raising through your P&C run Uniform Shops too left field. Or something worth thinking about to add in with future sustainability initiatives ? We would love to hear your thoughts.

"Scott from RREPP supplied our school with 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified cotton sport polos. We have been so impressed not only with the fabulous quality and softness of the material, but also the meticulous detail with which Scott replicated our school logo and colours. The service he provided was very professional and he shows a dedication and passion for his products that is inspiring.

I would recommend every school give their children the chance to wear a polo that is made of natural fibre and non toxic dyes and most importantly manufactured by fairly compensated workers."  

Elizabeth Darton

Uniform Shop Manager - Lane Cove West Public School P&C


Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Monday 8th April 2019

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Purchasing With Purpose

In 2013 when RREPP was launched, we didn't know if our key business objectives were going to be attainable or not. We were starting to see many brands using the word 'Ethical' more frequently in their marketing. Yet we soon found out that when these businesses were asked the right questions, they were frequently unable to back their rhetoric.

We didn't want to become one of these businesses. 

6 years on and RREPP has gone from strength to strength. With Social Justice & Environmental sustainability remaining our core objectives. Backed by third party Fairtrade & Organic auditing bodies to make us accountable.

And during this time we have gradually built an action orientated client base, who truly understand the power of their purchasing. How when making ethical choices, they can transform the lives of workers, families and communities around the world. From those who make the sports balls that millions of us play with, to the clothes we wear everyday.

The garment industry remains one the dirtiest in the world. Both socially and environmentally. Yet RREPP has been able to transform it into one of the cleanest. Through using a unique supply chain from grower through to final stitch, that is 100% Organic and Fairtrade. And we are lucky to have found clients who are motivated to 'Walk the Talk' as well. Who back their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statements with action rather than words. 

From the amazing Flight Centre Travel Group who in 2018 contracted RREPP to produce over 3500 custom made Tee's for their highest achieving staff attending their biggest Global Gathering event of the year in Berlin. To the Christian Football Federation of Australia (CFFA) who use RREPP's top tier Phoenix Pro Soccer Balls as their ball of choice at their annual National titles. Through to the School's who now have their students wearing our healthy & ethical 100% Organic Fairtrade uniform polos.     

These are exciting times where RREPP has become more bolder and beautiful as a business. Helped by a growing group of Corporates, Schools & Sporting Clubs who themselves are wanting to break into new ground in the Social Justice space. There are always barriers. Yet Organisations that are serious about their CSR find a way.

Inspiration creates passion and innovation. From there, becoming a 'FOR PURPOSE' business is merely a formality. More on our dedication to 'Transparency & Fairness' can be found on our website HERE

We look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Sunday 27th January 2019

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Flight Centre Shines A Light On Corporate Social Responsibility

Is it any wonder that the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) was recently awarded the best Travel Agency Group at the 2018 National Travel Industry Awards. The award recognised the company’s commitment to delivering amazing travel experiences, right from initial daydreaming to arriving home ready to plan the next trip. Yet what we also love about Flight Centre is their can-do approach that is also embodied in their Corporate Social Impact and Engagement area. Their CSR is delivered through the Brighter Futures program – Building Brighter Futures, Where We Work, Live and Travel which harnesses the collective goodness of their people to drive initiatives that truly make a difference.    

Every July, Flight Centre hold their annual Global Gathering organised by their events arm cievents. This epic event brings together over 3500 of the company’s best and brightest staff from all over the world to celebrate the year’s success.

The celebrations included highlighting the Brighter Futures program, and RREPP was asked to create over 3500 custom branded Organic & Fairtrade Tees for all delegates and sponsors to wear throughout this event. T-shirts made from our unique and dedicated Organic & Fairtrade certified supply chain. From our organic cotton growers all the way through to the spinning and dyeing of the fabrics, to exact pantone colour matching, final garment production, printing, quality control and then delivery to Berlin in Germany, RREPP was there every step of the way, turning this great concept into reality.

The Flight Centre Foundation, FCTG’s philanthropic arm, also shined a light on an amazing charity called SolarBuddy, which is dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to change the lives of children living in energy poverty.  FCTG staff have committed to building 10,000 SolarBuddy lights to be delivered to communities in Cambodia. To see the amazing work that SolarBuddy is achieving, visit their website solarbuddy.org or have a listen to Founder and CEO Simon Doble in this short video:   

Corporations, large and small, do have the ability to change the world by taking their CSR commitments seriously and putting words into ACTION. Big Business and other organisations such as Schools can help enterprises such as RREPP and SolarBuddy scale up, to create a much bigger impact and real social change. No one has ever made a difference in this world by being like everyone else, so we can only thank FCTG for putting their commitment to CSR at the forefront of the way that they do business - whilst also having a pretty good time along the way!       

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Images Courtesy of Flight Centre Travel Group and SolarBuddy

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Friday 10th August 2018

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The Cleanest Uniform In Australia !

Every now and then RREPP collaborates on a social justice campaign with another organisation that we just know is going to have massive impact. Not just on the workers, their families and the communities we help support overseas, yet also our Schools Nationally who by coming on board and supporting, are making a clear and conscious decision to support social justice through purchasing a fantastic Fairtrade product. 

RREPP has recently joined forces with our governing body Fairtrade Australia New Zealand via an ongoing campaign drive to encourage Schools throughout Australia to switch to purchasing School Uniform Polo's made from Fairtrade Cotton. It really is such a simple thing to do and for very little extra cost. In fact for about the same price as a cup of coffee that we all might buy after dropping the kids to school, we could be dressing our next generation in RREPP's high quality, environmentally and socially conscious Organic and Fairtrade certified polo's.

So no matter how dirty your kids school uniform might get, if it is made with Organic & Fairtrade Cotton, it will always be clean from child labour and the unethical practices that continue to plague the garment manufacturing industry even today. Check out the campaign video below (33 secs), and RREPP's own campaign video (1 min 31 secs) and let us know what you think. Switching to Fairtrade today WILL help provide kids everywhere with the childhood and education they deserve. 

We didn't invent the School Uniform Polo, but we sure have made it better ! If you'd like to find out more, simply contact Scott Goddard at info@rrepp.com.au  - coz the planet's watching ! 

* RREPP was awarded the highest A+ ranking in Australia by Baptist World Aid in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report 



Posted in inspiring initiatives on Friday 10th November 2017

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Stepping Back To School In Organic & Fairtrade Uniform Polo's

Is Your School Ready to Add A Socially & Environmentally Conscious Uniform Option Into Your School Uniform Shop ? 

Everyday in our Business we are constantly looking at new ways in which we can create something unique and inspiring for our clients, that gets us all involved  in creating a better world tomorrow. Having recently been awarded Baptist World Aid Australia's highest A+ ranking in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report, ranking above over 300 Australian Fashion brands, it has given RREPP the incentive to continue to pursue innovative ways to create meaningful change through action rather than words.   

And so in this months BLOG we want to bring to your attention our latest promotional video. It introduces Kids, Parents, Teachers, P&C Committees and Principals across Australia to our newly developed ethically made Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos. Polo's that bring Social Justice and Environmental awareness into the minds of all of us, especially our children, and on an everyday basis. Our aim is to encourage Australian school's to make the swap away from their conventionally made Uniform Polos, and to consider purchasing something that is more sustainable and that also has positive social impact.

Dressing our next Generation in Organic & Fairtrade is not just a local initiative, it's also a powerful global one, which helps support 100's of workers, families and communities that make up RREPP's ethical supply chains. There is no better way to show our values than to WEAR OUR VALUES, and this is what RREPP's new School Uniform Polo's are giving our Schools, our kids, our future leaders, the opportunity to do !

So read our Testimonials ,  check out our Website , and above all take a look at our new video below, and envisage how inspiring it would be to see students across Australia stepping back to school in Polo's that are designed to make a difference. Would you like to know more - then simply contact us at info@rrepp.com.au or on 0422 004 954 - coz the planet's watching !




Scott Goddard
Founding Director RREPP

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Tuesday 20th June 2017

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