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A Founding Director With Purpose

I absolutely thrive at the challenge of being the Founding Director of RREPP. A business that strives for transparency and fairness by putting the environment and the people who make our products first. It's what Fairtrade is all about.

As you know, one of our products is our range of Fairtrade certified Match and International Match quality Sports Balls. The Best & Fairest in Australia. Perfect for Schools and Sporting Clubs wishing to add a social justice component into their sporting programs. Such a small purchasing policy change, yet something that will have a massive positive impact on peoples lives and their communities who are rarely given a voice.

So contact me direct at [email protected] if you are interested in making the change to RREPP in 2020. Our next ordering deadline is only 2 weeks away on the 1st October, with all deliveries being made at the beginning of the new year in 2020. Coz the planet's watching !


Scott Goddard
Founding Director
m. 0422 004 954

e. [email protected]

Posted in the power of leadership on Thursday 19th September 2019


Taking on a Leadership role is never easy. It generally means changing the status quo, exposing some untold truths, and making people feel uncomfortable. Yet in 2017 RREPP successfully turned one of the most exploitive and dirtiest industries in the world, into one of the fairest socially and cleanest environmentally.

The cotton supply chain RREPP supports is 100% Fairtrade and Organic certified. It includes third party auditing bodies to ensure standards are adhered to, combined with ISO 9001 and OE 100 quality certifications. So what we have created as a business is a supply chain unlike any other, being both socially responsible and sustainable in a mainstream industry that embraces neither of these two qualities. 

Yet the iceing on the cake comes from the Organic side of our business. 99.3% of the worlds cotton is grown conventionally. What this means is that pesticides and other toxic chemicals are used on mass in the production of the cotton garments that all of us wear everyday. Just as alarming is the fact that to produce just one single t-shirt, 2700 litres of water is required which is an ongoing ticking time bomb environmentally, especially when water has become such a precious commodity..

So RREPP is one of the 0.7% of businesses that is growing their cotton organically, and the environmental statistics achieved from this are pretty impressive:

1) 91% reduced blue water consumption
2) 70% reduced acidification potential
3) 62% reduced non renewable energy demand
4) 46% reduced global warming potential
5) 26% reduced eutrophication potential from soil erosion 

So what will it be for your School or Business in 2018 - RREPP's Inconvenient Truth, or the Garment Industries Reassuring Lie ? The clock is ticking !

Scott Goddard
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

* RREPP was awarded the highest A+ ranking in Australia by Baptist World Aid in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report 

Posted in the power of leadership on Sunday 21st January 2018

Travel Company Flies High In Social Responsibility Space

We love any business that is serious about it's Social Responsibility, and Flight Centre's Corporate Division FCM Travel Solutions is certainly right up there with the best of them. A highly successful Company with a work hard play hard ethic that also encompasses numerous hands on social justice initiatives within their winning formula. FCM operates over a network spanning 87 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and the America's.

The organisation recently contacted RREPP to supply a bulk order of our Organic & Fairtrade certified black cotton tees for their staff who had signed up to be part of a humanitarian project in Cambodia through Habitat for Humanity Australia. Habitat for Humanity has a vision that everyone should have a safe and decent place to live, with the organisation also addressing things like land security, clean water, sanitation and educational issues across numerous developing countries throughout the world.

So on the 10th October, 64 team leaders and support staff from FCM in Australia, descended upon Phnom Penh with the goal of building 6 houses for Cambodian families living in poverty and with medical conditions such as HIV. Singapore airlines also came on board as their platinum sponsor, and staff undertook months of fundraising to help make it all happen. As part of the project, future homehomers were also encouraged to help with the building works, and as a consequence, strong bonds were forged between local families and the volunteers.

FCM employees around the country are passionate about making a difference not just in their own local communities yet also on a global stage, and this is what sets this business apart from the mainstream pack. Their socially aligned philosophies are a key ingredient for their own success, and is why they are recognised as one of the leading Corporate Travel Companies in the world today. The week wrapped up in Cambodia with a dedication ceremony where the families were handed the keys to their new homes, and a celebratory lunch was shared by all. Congratulations to FCM's G.M James Kavanagh, People Works Leader Alison Causebrook, and charity partner Habitat for Humanity Australia, for helping create a life changing experience for so many.

Great Company, Awesome Culture, Outstanding Vision.

Scott Goddard
Founding Director rrepp
m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in the power of leadership on Sunday 13th November 2016

Sydney School first for FAIRTRADE UNIFORMS

It is our privilege to announce that the first Sydney based school, and one of the first schools nationally, will now have their students wearing RREPP'S quality 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polo's at the start of the new school year in 2017. The School's P&C uniform shop committee, backed by their Principal, overwelmingly supported making the change to Fairtrade. And what a great way for their students to learn more about what purchasing ethically means, especially in regards to helping alleviate poverty for workers, families and communities who are rarely given a voice.

Organic cotton is also one of the healthiest natural fibres on the planet for our kids to wear on their skin. No chemicals used at the cotton growing level, no toxic plastics or unfriendly polyesters, and only GOT's approved dyes applied to all our finished products. RREPP'S full supply chain from grower right through to the last stitch being applied is socially conscious, sustainable, low impact environmentally, with our workers being looked after and paid fairly under Fairtrade standards. A vast contrast to a mass producing, rapacious garment industry that presently embraces little, if any, of these important values.

So a massive congratulations to our first school for their ethically aligned 'Think Globally, Act Locally' approach to their purchasing, and for finding reasons to change to Fairtrade, rather than finding reasons not to. To find out more, or if you would like one of our Polo samples sent out to your Uniform Shop Committees, then simply contact Scott Goddard at [email protected] . Or if you would like to know more about RREPP in less than 60 seconds, then enjoy our new look promo video 'No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears'  HERE  (Note: All New School Uniform Polo orders need to be made by 30th September 2016 to meet 2017 deadlines)

Is your School ready to make the SWAP to Fairtrade ?

Scott Goddard
Founding Director rrepp
m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

Posted in the power of leadership on Monday 25th July 2016

From Fairtrade King to Hollywood Bling !

The power of leadership is something never to be underestimated. And in all its varying forms, from the top down, to the bottom up, and everything inbetween, it truly does have the ability to stir the soul and incite change on a major scale. Just hold that thought for a second ! Now meet Partbatbhai. That's him with the grey hair & beard in case you were wondering ! You obviously wont see him walking down the catwalks for David Jones. Nor will you see him standing next to highly paid British reality ‘star’ Gok Wan promoting everything cheap & ethically questionable from the Target range. Yet lets note something very important here. Sex appeal does sell. And it seems to completely override business ethics and practically anything else, such is its power. Add in the word ‘CHEAP’ to any advertising campaign, then the need for consumers to ask important questions, seems to completely vanish. And don't the big retailers know it !!

We’ve been thinking a bit lately about Fairtrade & Sex Appeal, and why the two presently don’t seem to go hand in hand. Or do they fit perfectly, yet we just haven’t thought it through enough to use it as a powerful awareness and selling tool within our own unique market niche. If most of our Australian retailers can do it so successfully, and in a way that distracts us so easily away from their unethical work practices, then why can’t Fairtrade Enterprises do the same, yet within the more ethical & heart centred business models we so strongly advocate. It's not just about initial awareness either, it's also about trying to make the message stick longer term.

Check out this article here with Actor Colin Firth and his gorgeous eco-entrepreneur wife Livia. Now that’s Fairtrade Sex Appeal and it's certainly one way to get people thinking about their own purchasing habits. We personally see nothing wrong with Fairtrade having a bit of Bling attached to it. And it really doesn’t matter whether its Fairtrade Gold, Fashion, Sports Balls, or the Cocoa Beans used in your favourite chocolate. There is a great saying that goes, ‘when the truth is not heard, find another way to tell the story.’ I’m not saying we fully commercialise Fairtrade either, yet there is still plenty of scope for everyone of us to try a fresh approach to influence change and to start getting the 'passing consumer traffic' to take a peak down the road less travelled. A road that embodies beauty, heart and social justice all in one .

Yet how does important social change happen. Some say it needs to come from our World Leaders. Others lean more towards the grassroots in the way we raise our kids, and how & what we teach in our schools. Yet there is no doubt that IF it can come from all angles, good will collide with good, and such an energy will be a very powerful catayst indeed. We recently posted an article on our facebook page here,  about Swedish professional Footballer Kim Kallstrom. The image went viral across the world and it is a wonderful example of how high profile personalities (leaders in their own right), can have a positive impact, and on a global stage. So simple, yet so very powerful. We all need to be genuinely moved though, and frequently, so we can remain both 'touched' and 'in touch' with all that is real. No big superficial, scripted, high cost retail marketing campaigns to brain wash and distract us. Just spontaneous human compassion and honesty to get everyone sitting up and taking notice. More of that please, and especially from some of our more geniune high profile personalities, just being themselves  !! 

Oh , and by the way, who is Parbatbhai anyway.  Well, pre our official launch in March 2013, we took the important steps to personally visit & understand every aspect of the unique supply chains that we have partnered with within the rrepp business model. And in the heart of the amazing Organic and Fairtrade cotton growing district that we support in India, we met Parbatbhai. One of the most respected leaders in the region. As President of the local Fairtrade Body in an area which oversees over 1000 small Organic & Fairtrade cotton farmers, he has held onto his democratically chosen position since Fairtrade Certification was introduced here in 2005. A family man, positive, compassionate, patient, intelligent, understanding, and above all, simply a great leader himself with an immense amount of hard earned community respect. So leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. And one type is certainly no less important than the other. Yet when working together, they can & will form the most powerful and sustaining ingredients needed for Social Change in our World today. And into the future.

Thanks again for being a part of the rrepp consciousness shift. And if you require more information about how your school, sporting club, or business can start supporting Fairtrade, simply contact Scott Goddard at [email protected], or go direct to our website for more information at  www.rrepp.com.au.

rrepp - coz the planet's watching

Posted in the power of leadership on Saturday 9th November 2013


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