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RREPP turns 5 years old as a business this month, and it has made us sit back and reflect on our journey thus far.

From a mere seed thought, the business has become a leader in offering Schools, Sporting Clubs and Businesses an ethical alternative to their Sports Ball, Uniform Polo and Corporate T-shirt purchasing. Purchases that also give back to communities in need, which right from the start has always been a key aspect of RREPP's unique business model.

From the early days of building supply chain integrity, to working tirelessly on improving product quality through endless sampling and testing, RREPP has suddenly found itself at the forefront of the social justice space here in Australia.

From supplying our lead in Fairtrade match balls for junior gala days right through to our International Phoenix Pro football being used as the ball of choice for Christian Football's National Titles every year.

And we can't thank enough our 3 trail blazing schools, Lane Cove West Primary, Rozelle and Turner School in the ACT, whose Principals and P&C Committees made the decision to step away from questionable supply chains, and start purchasing RREPP's 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polo's, with repeat orders and new enquiry getting stronger by the day.

When you do the right thing as a business, for the right reasons, and with the right people, then anything becomes possible. Thinking globally whilst acting locally is what our client base is all about. A client base who are not just taking action in their own communities and cities, they are also taking into consideration the health of the entire planet and the people living on it.

Yet don't just believe us. Have a read of some of our testimonials, and let us know if your School, Sporting Club or Business would also like to get involved, and join us in creating meaningful change in our world 

Thanks for your support, and here's to another 5 years of innovation, sustainability, strong partnerships and success. 

Scott Goddard
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

* RREPP was awarded the highest A+ ranking in Australia by Baptist World Aid in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report 

Posted in ethical certifications on Saturday 10th March 2018

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School Uniforms That Are Changing The World

Have you ever thought about who makes your clothes. The unseen workers, mainly in developing countries, from the cotton growers up, who work tirelessly to create something that for the most part we all take for granted. Have you ever wondered why over the past 10 - 15 years everything else in the world has gone up in price, except for clothing. In fact for the everyday clothing we wear today, prices have dramatically gone down ! How can this be possible and is it something we should really be celebrating ?

We encourage you to take a look at this 2 minute 30 second trailer https://youtu.be/OaGp5_Sfbss which very quickly highlights the TRUE COST of cheap clothing. Especially in relation to clothing Made in China, Bangladesh or the new hotspot for labour exploitation, Indonesia. It's a topic worth thinking about more deeply, especially in an industry where suppliers use the words "Ethical' and 'Eco' so loosely to their customers. Yet WORDS are a far cry from ACTION when it comes to having true supply chain transparency, respected ethical certifications, and comprehensive third party auditing processes. 

Now take a look at this 1 minute 30 second video we recently put together https://youtu.be/DP8Ar4uQn6s highlighting what you could be purchasing for your School or Business, and for very little extra cost. Environmentally Conscious, Socially Conscious and backed by full supply chain transparency. And in support of recently introduced 'Banning plastics' initiatives, we also package our Polo's & Tees individually in biodegradable polybags rather than the PVC plastics used by mainstream suppliers that take 100's of years to break down in the environment. 

Simply put, cheap fast fashion comes at a terrible cost. Yet from a grassroots level, we can all become leaders in creating powerful and positive change in this space. We all know that Governments are slow at making decisions, especially when it comes to implementing social initiatives. Yet all of us as individuals, combined with larger organisations such as Schools, Sporting Clubs and Businesses, can make decisions towards important change IMMEDIATELY. All that is needed is the WILL !

Scott Goddard
Founding Director RREPP - coz the planet's watching
m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in ethical certifications on Saturday 2nd September 2017

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Just over 2 years ago, Sydney Northern Beaches based business rrepp was nothing more than a seed thought. What we wanted to achieve was for Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability to be at the core of our business model, and 100% through every step of our supply chain links.

So even before rrepp launched as a vibrant new brand in March 2013, we had travelled to the Northern parts of Pakistan, and the remote central and far southern regions of India , to link up with some of the most ethical supply chains found anywhere in the world. Most people do not realise that over 10 businesses can be involved in the making of a t-shirt. From the cotton growers to the ginners, to the spinners, knitters, dyers, heat setters and printers, right through to the final garment cutters, makers and trimmers. Even we were not prepared for the multitude of business links involved, and the labour intensiveness required to make a 'simple' t-shirt or polo. Yet through engagement, transparency and collaboration, the rrepp business has stepped away from the standard cold, unattached and unaccountable buyer / seller relationship, and moved into a more caring and close knit partnership arrangement with our suppliers. This also reflects in the way we do business here in Australia. So whether you are a decision maker at a School, Sporting Club or Association, larger Organisation or major National Retailer, buying ethically can and will change the world in which we all live.

AND NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS. Last week Baptist World Aid Australia released its much anticipated 2015 Ethical Fashion Guide. This independent report assessed over 91 fashion brands across Australia on their efforts to protect workers in their supply chains from exploitation, and to the practices of modern day slavery and child labour, with the report awarding each Company a grade ranging from A to F (Fail). rrepp is proud to announce that as a new comer to the guide, it has been granted an 'A' Grade report card, and is in an elite group of only 10 businesses Australia wide to be given this higher category grading. An absolutely amazing achievement for a brand so young. It validates our own unique business model, it proves that it is possible to trade fairly with the hard working people that make our wonderful products, and it shows that you can run a successful business without the need to exploit, or pretend not to notice what is going on 'behind your bar code' .

To download a copy of the 2015 Ethical Fashion Guide, just click HERE to see how your favourite fashion brand has ranked, and start asking them questions if you are not satisfied with the report card they have been given. 'There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it only makes for hunger and unhappiness' - Mahatma Gandhi

Want to know more about rrepp ? Then simply click HERE and make contact with us through our website. Coz the planet's watching.

Posted in ethical certifications on Sunday 19th April 2015

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So what does Fairtrade mean to you?

For some the words conjure up images of adult workers in developing countries being looked after to the same extend that we would expect our own employers to look after us. Things we take for granted such as safe and clean working conditions. Fair pay and a fair price being paid for the product being produced. And then there are less known aspects, such as Fairtrade certified businesses like RREPP never expecting nor asking for credit from its Producers, which takes an immense amount of pressure off cash flows. And as any small business owner knows, a lack of cash flow can simply be debilitating. RREPP also pays what are called Fairtrade premiums which go back into the businesses partnered with, to support Social Justice initiatives such as clean water being provided to local communities. Books, pencils and bags for workers' children to assist with schooling costs. Or annual onsite eye check ups for workers, fully paid, when such an expense would normally be seen as impossible to meet. The list is endless, with these premiums having a major impact in improving living standards for workers, their families and the communities in which they live.

Yet for us, Fairtrade does not just encompass all these very important aspects. It also provides the opportunity for the next generation of kids to come through the system equipped to be their Countries next leaders, innovators and problem solvers. This is what the gift of education provides. Children, both girls and boys, attending school and not working in the cotton fields, or stitching cheap sports balls, to help poorly paid parents put food on the tables for their families. This is what Fairtrade mostly means to us, because it is a process that works towards future generations thriving. With western businesses throughout the world, as well as all of us as consumers, having such a huge role in becoming part of the solution and not part of the problem. And by that we mean, everytime we spend our money, we are actually casting a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. Re read this last statement, as its meaning is more profound than what we realise, although not yet at the edge of most peoples consciousness. We all think that world poverty is too big an issue for us as individuals to be able to create change and make an impact. Yet such a notion couldn't be further from the truth. 

So what does Fairtrade mean to you ?

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rrepp – coz the planet’s watching.

Posted in ethical certifications on Monday 24th March 2014

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