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Using Lockdowns To Create Community Not Division !

Welcome everyone to our September Newsletter.

Well the lockdowns that so many of us are enduring at the moment have created unimaginable hardships, not only here in Australia yet across the Globe. Our thoughts are with everyone during these times. From our elderly to our youth and everyone inbetween. Alot could be said about the decisions being made by our leaders, and the divisions being created by some. But I guess history will be the judge of all this at another time and place. 

Here at RREPP we've never been one to let a debilitating lockdown go to waste ! So over the past couple of months we decided to look at how we as a Social Enterprise, could step up to the plate even further to create a better world for all. So we wanted to give you a heads up on two projects we have been working on over the past 10 weeks that will be going LIVE onto our website in a month or so.

* The first is the development of a very important document for RREPP which is our 'Modern Slavery Statement'. The Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires larger business entities in Australia to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and what actions they are taking to address those risks. RREPP is one of very few businesses in Australia that has fully transparent and third party audited supply chains for our Organic Fairtrade Garment production and for our Fairtrade certified sports ball production. Our statement is 25 pages long and highlights the amazing efforts that RREPP has undertaken to run a social enterprise whose key focus is to look after people and planet. We will let you know when this document is launched onto our website

* The second initiative we have been working on is an environmental one aligned to offsetting our Carbon emissions. An initiative that we want to include all of our customers in as well. So post launching this on our website over the next month or so, for every product purchased by our customers, RREPP will be planting trees across 5 projects that we have targeted in Madagascar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, India and Nepal. We want to structure this yet again in a way where we are being fully transparent. So we are presently looking at ways to code LIVE Tree Counters onto our Website, and Carbon Offset Counters so everyone will be able to see how many trees we are planting LIVE, and the corresponding amounts of CO2 we will be offsetting. 

We look forward to bringing these exciting initiatives to our RREPP community very soon. 


It's now September. And every year at this time we need to lock in our Fairtrade Sports Ball Orders for our Schools so we are able to go into production and ensure our bulk orders can be delivered to everyone in time for when schools start back in February 2022. So for our existing Schools we will be contacting you directly over the coming days. Yet for any new schools who would like to come on board and make the swap to Fairtrade in 2022, please make contact with us now. We will be locking in our bulk orders over the next two weeks. We will then be contacting our sporting clubs to do the same in the next month or so. Please note due to Covid restrictions, there are still major shipping delays being experienced on international freight. And this is why we need to stick with our strict deadlines this year. And for orders over 100 balls per sporting code, we can professionally print your School Logo onto every ball if required. We offer all Schools and Sporting Clubs 20% off our regular website prices as well. You can check out our quality match ball range and detailed ball specs HERE

So for orders of any size, or if you have any questions, please contact myself direct at [email protected] or on 0422 004 954. Our ordering deadline is 24th September. We look forward to hearing from you or your Heads of Sport over the next couple of weeks. Many thanks, and keep safe and well.  

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director
Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in inspiring initiatives on Friday 10th September 2021


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