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And what a challenging month it has been as covid restrictions and lockdowns continue to test the resolve of so many Nationwide.

An added reason why it is always so motivating and encouraging for a small business like RREPP to hear from our wonderful customers about their own stories, and who even during difficult times, continue to have a focus on social justice, equality, fairness and community. Thanks Dave Mule for the following testimonial. Your support for a socially conscious local business like RREPP is what keeps us encouraged as more schools and sporting clubs Australia wide start to see the amazing benefits of supporting Fairtrade and purchasing with purpose at the grassroots where it counts. You can also read more of our customer testimonials on our website HERE    

"Looking back some thirty five years ago, I can still remember those cold winter nights at training. We would always begin with a warm up, a run around the field and the same routine ball drills. The memory of fifteen young boys sprinting as fast as possible to the big bag of soccer balls is still fresh. All had one mission in mind; to grab the best balls first! It was always a mixed bag filled with only one or two nice, soft, balls. These were followed by the remaining hard, torn, worn and outright atrocious ones. 

Fast forward thirty five years. Having two daughters it is only natural that I’ve become a huge supporter of women’s football. Being asked to coach at the C/C Strikers is a job that I have truely embraced. I’m coaching a great bunch of girls and have tremendous support from parents and extended family. Unfortunately, the training kit I received at the start of the season reminded me of that same kit from thirty five years ago.

However, partnering up with Scott has changed all that! His provision of the RREPP Fairtrade balls has encouraged myself, the team and the parents to not only start thinking ethically but it has also improved our football as a team in a way that has surprised many. This new kit has taken training to a whole new level. Made with high quality materials, the RREPP balls provide a sweet strike and superb foot control making training both enjoyable and rewarding. Having sixteen RREPP balls of the same bright colour and with an alluring design not only gives the players a great sense of professionalism but also an immense sense of pride as a team.

As the coach it’s my job to not only advance the team in football but also encourage equality. I believe that is exactly what the RREPP ball represents. I look forward to partnering with RREPP for many years to come."

David Mule
W14/3 Coach CC/Strikers

So if your School or Sporting Club would like to make the change in 2022, we are starting to take orders in August for all of our Fairtrade certified Sports Balls, with deliveries being made at the beginning of the new year in 2022. Match quality Soccer Balls, Netballs, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Touch Footballs and Futsal balls are RREPP's speciality sporting codes. You can check out our range and ball specs on our website HERE

We look forward to hearing from you, and make sure you ask about our 20% off School and Sporting Club discounts.

- coz the planets watching

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director
Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in for the love of sport on Sunday 18th July 2021


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