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I would like to formally introduce myself to all School Principals / Leadership teams across NSW, ACT and Victoria.

My name is Scott Goddard and I am the Founding Director of a Social Enterprise named RREPP. We are a fully Australian owned and operated business having launched in Sydney back in 2013. And we are already the Supplier of choice to numerous Schools and Sporting Clubs across Australia.  

Through our third party audited supply chains, we ethically produce and supply the following products:


* Fairtrade certified match quality sports balls across 6 different sporting codes: Soccer / Netball / Rugby League / Rugby Union / Futsal / Touch Football

Sports Ball production globally has been plagued by child labour and adult exploitation for decades. And to this day very little has changed. We teach our kids about sportmanship, fairness, equality and community when it comes to their chosen sport. Yet rarely do we think about the people who actually make the sports balls we all love playing with, and whether these same values have been afforded to them ? RREPP is one of only a small handful of sports ball producers world wide that has been endorsed by Fairtrade, and who has the Fairtrade mark on all of its products.


* High quality 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified Junior School Uniform Polos. Custom made sustainably via a 'slow fashion' philosophy, and matched perfectly to the colours and logos of your existing Uniform Polos. There are very few uniform suppliers globally that have both the GOT's Organic and Fairtrade certifications attached to their uniforms. Yet RREPP is one of those suppliers.

We know that many primary school uniform shops are run by parent volunteers. And deciding on a preferred supplier is an arduous task. Yet we are not looking to over turn your existing arrangements. Only to get you to consider adding RREPP as your preferred organic fairtrade POLO supplier. So one uniform item only that through organics is healthy on our kids skin, is made from 100% natural fibres so is good for the environment, and just as importantly is made fairly and ethically.

RREPP as a business is both 'Fairtrade Certified' and 'Social Traders Certified'. Certifications that are only awarded to businesses whose corporate models are strongly centred around sustainability, and that look after people and planet throughout their manufacturing processes. As buyers of products, very rarely do we ask about our Suppliers supply chains. Are the people who are making the products we are buying being paid a living wage. Are we sure there is no child labour involved. Are working conditions for all workers safe and fair. Are the production processes and the chemicals being used environmentally conscious. Difficult questions to ask. Yet for most suppliers, even more difficult to answer.

RREPP has also recently advertised our amazing Sports Balls in the May edition of The Bursar that has just been released in both print and digital formats to over 10,000 schools across Australia.

RREPP's promotional Ad can be found HERE and with it is an editorial put together by Fairtrade Australia and NZ called 'Your Choice Is Your Voice'. Both can be found on pages 218 and 219 of The Bursar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are putting together our annual sports ball bulk orders with our Producer for all Schools very soon in August 2021. And offering our 20% corporate discount to everyone for any order sizes. And as a special offer, for any orders of 100 balls or more per sporting code, we can professionally print your school logo onto each ball Free Of Charge. All orders put in by the end of August will be delivered at the beginning of the new school year in 2022. 

For our Junior Organic Fairtrade School Uniform Polos for Primary Schools, we can take orders at any time throughout the year. Minimum order requirements are 300 Polos, although orders of 500 or more provides access to all of our Polo sizes. 

So that's it from us. Our product range as a supplier is only small, yet it is high quality with people and planet always being at the core of our mission. So if your school is interested in making the swap to Fairtrade in 2022, please do not hesitate to personally contact me over the coming weeks at [email protected] or on my mobile at 0422 004 954. For your viewing pleasure as well, please click on the images below to view two of our brief promo videos. And if you would like to read some of our testimonials, they can be found on our website HERE . We look forward to hearing back from you, and would be honoured to become a preferred ethical supplier to your school in the very near future. 


Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director
Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

Social Enterprise specialising in:

Fairtrade Certified Match quality Sports Balls
Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos & Tees
Organic & Fairtrade Certified Corporate Polos & Tees
A boutique range of Organic Fairtrade Corporate Merchandise


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Posted in unique supply chains on Monday 14th June 2021


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