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Christian Football Victoria Making Their Choice & Raising Their Voice

Welcome again to our newsletter as we continue to shine a light on some of our amazing Corporate clients whose purchasing choices are making a difference in the world. The Victorian Churches Football Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation that has been running soccer competitions since 1983, and is the Victorian Branch of Christian Football Federation Australia. A wonderful community based organisation who every year creates friendships between players, officials, and supporters through the uniting world game which is soccer.

The VCFA have been using RREPP's ethically made Fairtrade certified Match and International Match Soccer Balls for over 5 years. 200+ teams throughout Victoria every weekend making their Choice their Voice through the ethical purchasing policies of their Association. Below are a couple of testimonials from the VCFA and also their governing National body the CFFA:  

"We chose to use RREPP's Fairtrade match balls because not only are they high-quality, they are also highly empowering. We are well aware that purchasing Fairtrade certified products can assist in reducing poverty, encourage environmentally friendly production methods, and safeguard humane working conditions. All of which are important to us as a Christian Organisation. We are proud to support small businesses like RREPP who are trying to change the world, one soccer ball at a time."

Nicola Westwood - General Manager - Victorian Churches Football Association (VCFA)

"We've discussed with our elite players about their thoughts on RREPP's Phoenix Pro ball, and watched them move it around. Every player that we spoke with said similarly - the ball is outstanding. It holds shape, responds equally well in both hot and cold temperatures and has a controllable flight which eliminates unexpected and unwanted loss of direction often found in other top balls. Players want to feel confident that when they hit the ball correctly it will respond to the touch so that delivery in patterns of play can be precise. Elite players spend hundreds of hours developing technique so that execution is first-rate when it counts. They need the ball they're working with to be at the same standard of excellence, and in the RREPP Phoenix Pro, we are confident we have such a ball."

Matt Jorgensen - National Director of Coaching Christian Football Federation Australia

So thanks again team. Your support and the work you do at a community level from the grass roots up, is truly inspiring. 

And if your School or Sporting Club would like to step away from convention and start backing your Corporate Social Responsibility Statements through your sportsball purchasing, then don't hesistate to make contact with us at [email protected] Throughout August and September is when we will be starting to compile orders for Schools and Clubs for 2022 deliveries. And for larger orders we can professionally print your School, Club or Sponsors logo onto every ball.

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Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in for the love of sport on Sunday 23rd May 2021


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