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South Aussie Soccer Club Breaks Into The Fairtrade Champions League

Welcome to our monthly newsletter update for May 2021.

It's always so inspiring when a new School or Sporting Club reaches out to us and says they want their players playing with ethically made RREPP Fairtrade certified sports balls. Salisbury East Junior Soccer Club in South Australia is the latest addition to our growing family of socially conscious clubs and schools making a difference through their actions rather than their words. Below is from Rachel Griffin, a spokesperson from the Club: 

"The Salisbury East Junior Soccer Club is based in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. We are a relatively small club, averaging 7 teams each season, and try to keep registration fees low to enable any child to play. We are part of the Elizabeth and Districts Junior Soccer Association, affiliated to the South Australian Amateur Soccer League Inc. The ages of our players currently range from 5 through to 12, although this varies year to year.

In 2020, despite an interrupted season and a lot of uncertainty, the committee began to discuss the need for equipment for the following year. Part of this was the need for some replacement balls. As someone strongly interested in Fairtrade items and buying ethically where possible, I raised RREPP’s soccer balls as a choice for replacing our tired and worn out ones. We already had our own family RREPP soccer ball (kept on top of the fridge away from our dog when not in use!). So I knew that the quality and most importantly the ethics of the company were excellent. This was met with some resistance due to the higher price compared to our normal choice. However, with some good discussions over a number of months and a successful grant application, the committee voted in favour of buying enough Fairtrade balls to meet the needs of three of our teams. While this is just a start to moving all our balls to Fairtrade, it makes me smile every time we train, knowing that we’ve adjusted our budget to the benefit of others."

So from RREPP to Salisbury East Junior Soccer Club, welcome to the Fairtrade Champions League. It's great to have you on board.

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Posted in for the love of sport on Friday 30th April 2021


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