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RREPP - Taking It To The Next Level In Football !

Well the next shipment of our ethically produced Fairtrade Certified Sports Balls is presently making its way down the east coast of Australia. In this new post Covid world where freighting by sea rather than air is going to become the norm for RREPP, we will now be organising our future orders around 6 weeks earlier to allow for the extra time frames to ship our products by sea. One of a number of business model adjustments we've made to help take RREPP to the next level over the coming years. And we are determined to do this without raising any of our prices. On the understanding that the last 12 months has been extremely hard on the budgets of so many of the businesses that we are so grateful to have as our clients. 

And speaking of taking it to the next level, on our immediate shipment that will be docking into Sydney mid month, there is a load of our newly developed Hi-Tech multi coloured Hybrid Match Soccer Balls. So with the Soccer season about to start in Australia, and for all the soccer fanatics in your family, why not grab one of these amazing footballs to start off the new season with. In our view, the Best & Fairest Soccer Balls on offer here in Australia. 

Take a look at the Specs of our Size 5 Ball in our online shop HERE . These are next level and will remain part of the RREPP collection for many years to come. Pre Orders taken for this upcoming shipment though have been strong. All Size 4's have already been sold out, yet we still have a small number of Size 5's and Size 3's left that haven't been preordered.

So order now in our online shop HERE . We've also just put in another new order, yet unfortunately they wont be landing on our shores for another 4 months. So grab some from our upcoming shipment arriving in 2 weeks while you can

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Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Fairtrade Certified Match quality Sports Balls
Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos & Tees
Organic & Fairtrade Certified Corporate Polos & Tees
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Posted in for the love of sport on Monday 1st March 2021


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