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RREPP Fairtrade Soccer Ball 12 Packs For Team Training Now On Sale for 2021

RREPP, as Australia's leading ethical sportsball supplier, is now taking orders for our new Soccer Ball 12 packs. Specifically created for teams wishing to train with not only the Best, yet also the Fairest soccer balls in the market place.

What we have done is put together a fantastic discounted rate for any teams wishing to purchase a 12 pack of our new Fairtrade certified Fluro Hybrid Match balls for training purposes. Our MATCH BALL 12 packs have been created due to so many coaches and players these days seeing the benefits of training with the same higher quality balls they use on match day. Our 12 packs would normally cost $780.00 ($65.00 per ball), yet we have discounted them down to $594.00 ($49.50 per ball) plus delivery. To encourage teams to switch from conventionally made soccer balls from overseas owned brands, to ethically made Fairtrade certified balls from an Australian owned brand that has social justice at the core of its mission. Our hi tech Hybrid balls can be viewed on our website HERE if you'd like to check out the specs.

RREPP’s Fairtrade sports balls are now our specialty product that we have put an immense amount of technical work and research into. To create something that is not only ethically produced, yet also high quality and suitable to players of all standards. And for all balls purchased, RREPP contributes 10% back into the communities we help support, and 5% back to our producer to help them with the costs of being Fairtrade certified and creating an ethical and safe work environment for their workers. Plus another 1.5% of all our sales is contributed back to Fairtrade Australia which goes towards supporting their wonderful initiatives in the Pacific region. So Teams will be buying into a business model which is specifically set up to help alleviate poverty worldwide.

So we are now taking 12 pack orders, with our cut off deadline date being 20th January 2021. This is to ensure the balls can be produced and delivered to all teams in time for when training starts in 2021 (beginning of April approx.). To place an order or for further enquiries, simply make contact with us direct at [email protected] .

RREPP is Fairtrade certified, Social Traders certified and Australian owned. 

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in ethical certifications on Sunday 27th December 2020


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