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Well the very commercial Black Friday sales have just finished and you may be wondering why RREPP does not participate in this American driven annual marketing blitz embraced by retailers across the world ? To be honest even though it would add nicely to our business bottom line, it just doesn't sit comfortably within our own moral compass. We reflect on the decision every year, yet our gut response is always the same.

The feeding frenzy of cheap unethically made goods, predominantly made in China, that are mass produced, often poorly made and terrible for the environment, we just feel is nothing to celebrate. Plus in America, retailers have done their best over the years to take away from the true meaning of Thanksgiving which is when Black Friday is promoted. Thanksgiving should be about having a quiet day off with family and friends. To reflect, reconnect with each other, get off your technology, give thanks, slow down, and be grateful. Especially in a year like 2020 that has delivered extreme challenges and hardships to so many. In this day and age as well, retail sales are constant throughout the year anyway. There is always a bargain to be had at different times, without Retailers trying to dominate and take away from the meaning and essence of a special day like Thanksgiving - just for the sake of a few extra sales. 

So we have flicked the 'souless' Black Friday for yet another year. Yet RREPP has joined forces this year with a business called Moral FAIRGROUND . Their objectives are to produce and promote inspiring events that focus on social and environmental responsibility. Provide networking opportunities for ethically minded businesses and individuals to expand their organisations, and to promote collaboration. Plus to shine a brighter light on these groups within the wider community.

This year RREPP has signed up to be a part of Moral FAIRGROUND's Fair@Square 2020 Ethical Lifestyle Marketplace. It starts ONLINE from tomorrow Monday 30th November and runs for a week until Sunday 6th December 2020. For every sale we make for any of our Fairtrade Certified Match Sports Balls or our high quality Organic Fairtrade Cotton Tee's, we will not only be giving back a percentage to Moral FAIRGROUND to assist them with their ongoing initiatives. We would also like to pass onto everyone a FREE Organic Fairtrade Gift valued at $29.00 as a thank you from RREPP for your support.

You can check out all the great Social enterprises, including RREPP, who are apart of this unique Ethical Lifestyle Marketplace, by clicking HERE  . Or just go direct to the RREPP online shop HERE . To claim your FREE GIFT, all you have to do on checkout is type into the 'Special Delivery Instructions ' box FAIR@SQUARE FREE XMAS OFFER - further details on how to claim are outlined in our online shop. This FREE offer closes at Midnight on Sunday 6th December.

And if you are looking at a more personal way to GIVE this Xmas, something that our own family supports every year is Wayside Chapel's 'Feed A Homeless Person' Xmas initiative. We all accumulate so much mass produced rubbish this time of year. Yet a $100 donation will sponsor a meal to feed a family in need this Xmas. Just in NSW there are over 37000 people - individuals, familes, children - experiencing homelessness. Wayside's goal is $400,000 and they have raised $200,000 thus far. So many great causes out there yet this is definately one where your contribution will put a smile on someones face who is presently doing it very tough. More details on Wayside's 'Donate a Plate' can be found HERE if you are interested.

We are not sure what the opposite of Black Friday is, yet we feel any or all of the above comes pretty close - coz the planet's watching !

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in inspiring initiatives on Sunday 29th November 2020


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