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RREPP Highly Commended For It's Covid-19 Supply Chain Response

If there is one thing that we have learnt about 2020, it's that nothing can prepare you for a Pandemic !!

Many of our dedicated socially aligned customers that we have been doing business with for years, have been deeply impacted by the effects of lockdowns and closed borders. And this has had a knock on effect for the RREPP business as well. Yet our business model is extremely robust, and we are already rebuilding by expandng our product range and securing new business. Whilst also supporting the wonderful organisations who have committed to their regular orders for 2021 .

Yet if we feel we have been impacted heavily here in Australia, take a moment to think about the suffering that lockdowns have created for the more vulnerable in third world countries throughout the world. The garment industry in particular was hit extremely hard. Especially with so many Western Brands cancelling their orders with their supply chains and refusing to pay for orders under production. And this from an industry already aligned to decades of exploitation. All in the pursuit of cheap clothing. To put it into perspective, there are roughly 40 million garment workers in the world today. They are some of the lowest paid workers globally, and 85% are women.

Yet in complete contrast, RREPP this week was highly commended for its actions during the Pandemic by Baptist World Aid Australia. Who every year produce the Ethical Fashion Report that ranks over 400 Australian fashion brands for their business practices and ethics. And every year RREPP ranks as an A grade business in their reports. This year though BWA released a special Covid Fashion Report where brands were rated on how they acted to protect and support their supply chains and their workers during the height of the Pandemic.

The six Covid Fashion committments assessed on were as follows:

1) Support for workers wages by honouring supplier committments

2) Identify and support workers at the greatest risk

3) Listen to the voices and experiences of workers

4) Ensure workers' rights and safety are respected

5) Collaborate with others to protect vulnerable workers

6) Build back better for workers and the world

RREPP was recognised in the report as having followed ALL committments, and we were also highlighted as a bench mark case study in ethical business practices and supply chain initiatives. You can grab a copy of the report HERE on the Baptist World Aid website.

A concluding comment on all of this though, which addresses the multi decade elephant in the room. Why is it that the majority of the fashion industry refuses to pay its workers a living wage, nor provide decent and acceptable working conditions throughout their entire supply chains. It would provide workers with savings that would then help provide a buffer when difficult times arise. Being paid barely enough to be able to put food on the table each week just isn't acceptable.

And if only this rapacious industry would pay a fair price for its clothing, then this would also allow garment producers overseas to build a 'war chest' that would also allow these business to financially survive and be able to look after their workers during the hard times. Yet for some reason this continues to be a difficult proposition for most fashion label brands to commit to. Out of sight out of mind will always be a poor excuse for not doing the right thing. And is one of the main reasons why so many workers in third world countries find it almost impossible to break out of the poverty cycle !

Yet it really doesn't have to be this way - the time for change is NOW ! It's not rocket science and each of us has a responsibility ! Would love to hear your thoughts.  #supportfairtrade #purchasingwithpurpose #coztheplanetswatching 

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in inspiring initiatives on Friday 30th October 2020


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