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The Phoenix Has Risen + Free GIVEAWAY !

Did you know that RREPP produces an International Standard Soccer Ball. It's called the Phoenix Pro and we will put it up against Nike and Adidas's top tier International Balls any day of the week. Yet there is one very big difference between RREPP, Nike and Adidas as brands. And that is that RREPP's Soccer Balls are Fairtrade Certified. And for many years we have endorsed the ILO's 'Red Card To Child Labour' campaigns. Especially as to this day exploitive work practices remain a hidden scourge in the Sports Ball manufacturing industry.  

At $129.00 our Phoenix Pro ball is not cheap. Yet it also doesn't have the big brand $ premium added with our competitors top tier balls retailing around the $180.00 mark. If you'd like to see some more specs on the Phoenix Pro, you can check them out HERE . Plus check out one of our customer testimonials:

"We've discussed with our elite players about their thoughts on RREPP's Phoenix Pro ball, and watched them move it around. Every player that we spoke with said similarly - the ball is outstanding. It holds shape, responds equally well in both hot and cold temperatures and has a controllable flight which eliminates unexpected and unwanted loss of direction often found in other top balls.

Players want to feel confident that when they hit the ball correctly it will respond to the touch so that delivery in patterns of play can be precise. Elite players spend hundreds of hours developing technique so that execution is first-rate when it counts. They need the ball they're working with to be at the same standard of excellence and in the RREPP Phoenix Pro, we are confident we have such a ball."

Matt Jorgensen
National Director of Coaching Christian Football Federation Australia

So if you are a higher tier player or professional looking to refine and improve your game, then look no further than the RREPP Phoenix Pro. Easily the Best & Fairest football in Australia. And if you purchase one from our online shop HERE before the 30th September, we will gift you one our Organic & Fairtrade certified Caps and Tees valued at $68.00 as a thank you for your support. On checkout just type into the 'Special Delivery Instructions' box the details of the FREE cap and FREE T-shirt you would like.

The Phoenix has risen - coz the planet's watching. 

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in for the love of sport on Sunday 20th September 2020


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