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PLEASE READ: Important Update From RREPP's Founding Director

Hi Everyone 

I hope this email finds you all safe and well. This update has been specifically sent to our existing clients and VIP connections only. 

Covid-19 has certainly called on a need for resiliance in all of us as individuals and as leaders in our respective roles. Whether it be as Business owners, Principals, Social Justice Coodinators or Teachers. Or leaders and decision makers in Companies, Sporting Clubs and P&C Committees. There is no doubt that we have all been tested to varying degrees, economically, financially and mentally. Our thoughts are especially with all our friends in Victoria at the moment.

As the Founding Director of a 'For Purpose' business like RREPP, I freely admit that I have been personally challenged over the past 6 months. Yet there is a wonderful saying by Winston Churchill that states 'Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste'. So instead of losing motivation and hope, we have used the last 6 months to remain positive, and stay focused on our business objectives. Which is to help workers, families and their communities work their way out of poverty. Whilst at the same time having a strong environmental focus in regards to how we conduct our business. 

Our Fairtrade Organic supply chains overseas have been hit harder than any of us could ever imagine. Think x100 to what we have been experiencing here in Australia. It's been heartbreaking watching it all unfold. Especially in the June quarter of 2020 when Covid-19 was at it's peak and a number of our larger orders for annual events were cancelled. Yet to ensure our workers overseas were not left stranded, unlike so many larger clothing brands across Australia, RREPP not only kept orders in place that we had commited to, we also paid in advance for future orders. So our workers could at least be paid a part income during lockdowns to support their families. Especially in places like India where our Organic Fairtrade garments are produced. For RREPP it simply ensured that during one of the most challenging times we have ever faced, we were never straying away from our Purpose as a business. 

From our perspective, we still believe that everyone in essence craves to belong to something bigger. And we are grateful that your Businesses, Schools and Sporting Clubs have supported RREPP and our ethical business model for such a long period of time. So the purpose of this email is to also gauge if your Organisations are on board again this year with your regular annual orders that normally get delivered early in the new year. Whether it be for your Fairtrade certified Match Sports Balls, or your Organic Fairtrade garments. Especially in relation to School Uniform Polo orders. 

Our biggest recent challenge though in this new 'normal' is that airfreight costs to ship into Australia have sky rocketted. To the extent that freighting our goods by air is not viable at the moment. As we have no intention of increasing our prices, our strategy to combat this issue is to start freighting all our orders into Australia by ship. The only catch is that deliveries will take an extra 30 days to arrive. 

So what we are doing is compiling all our orders together this year to create a larger production order that can be shipped in a container by sea, and to meet everyones normal deadlines for delivery at the beginning of the new year or the start of the new sporting seasons. We normally start taking 2021 orders from everyone this month in September, then through to December. Yet this year we would ideally like to have all orders locked in by mid October to the beginning of November at the latest. 

So this is a call out to all our Businesses, our Schools and Sporting clubs, for you to provide guidence to us on what orders you will be requiring for 2021. And whether you know of any other businesses, Schools or Sporting Clubs in your networks who would also love to start 'purchasing with purpose' in relation to their own Sports Ball and School Uniform Polo needs. As always we are offering our 20% discount to our Corporate Clients, with our prices staying exactly the same as last year.

So please let me know how you are all placed, and whether our October / November ordering deadlines are workable for you. I can be contacted directly at scott@rrepp.com.au or on 0422 004 954. We will also be making contact with our regular clients more personally next week. 

I look forward to hearing from you all. All the very best.

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in rrepp news & updates on Friday 11th September 2020


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