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Ethical Purchasing Towards Better Education & Poverty Alleviation

Education is everything in relation to alleviating poverty for the next generation in any community world wide.

For all of us to play a small part in this is easy. Basically we just need to purchase ethically wherever possible. So workers in developing countries can then be paid a decent wage to be able to afford to put their kids into school. A huge factor in breaking the generational poverty cycle.

It sounds ridiculously simple. Yet the concept works by putting all of us in control of this situation. It just needs a genuine will to turn rhetoric into action. From RREPP's perspective, we focus as a business on products aligned to two of the most exploitive industries in the world. The Garment industry and the Sports Ball manufacturing industry. Yet RREPP does things completely differently – it works within an ethically aligned business model that looks after people and planet.

Fast fashion and cheap sports balls come at a cost. Not only do they create extra landfill and stress on the environment because they are cheaply made and therefore have a short life span, there is also someone, somewhere else in the world, that is paying the true cost !!!

We see people exploitation here in Australia on far too frequent a basis. Wage theft by major retail chains, and by restaurants run by high profile celebratory chefs, has frequently been exposed by our media. It shouldn't happen in regulated countries like Australia, yet somehow it does. So you can only imagine what is going on behind the curtain in developing countries where Western businesses get most of their products made !

So for Schools, Sporting Clubs and larger Corporates, next time you speak to your School Uniform Polo, Sports Ball, or merchandise supplier, why not ask them who is actually making the products that they are selling to you. Are your suppliers working with ethical supply chains. Are the workers that are making their products being paid a decent wage so they can comfortably put food on the table for their families, and send their kids to school. Are your suppliers formally certified and third party audited to ensure basic human rights and ethical standards are adhered to for all workers throughout their entire supply chains ? Or is worker exploitation and child labour a hidden scourge where out of sight is out of mind. And over-ridden by unrealistic budgets and the need for cheap at any cost !

None of us in the western world would tolerate being exploited and under paid for our hard work. So why should it be any different in developing countries. Just because we refuse to look behind the curtain and ask the right questions. Kids going to school and being given an education can and will stop generational poverty. Yet if these same kids parents are not being paid enough and are continually exploited by western suppliers to save us all a few dollars, then none of us are playing a role as global citizens in this world.

We all need to be the change. With larger organisations such as Schools, Sporting Clubs and the Corporate sector, leading the way within their purchasing policies. Do we awaken or do we continue to sleep ? Do we take control and start asking the right questions, or do we just sit back and ignore, and continue to be part of the problem ?

images courtesy of World Vision

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

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Posted in ethical certifications on Monday 22nd June 2020


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