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Sustainable Ethically Made Uniform Polos - Is Your School Ready To Swap

Have you ever wondered how your School could make a significant social and environmental impact, simply through the everyday purchasing you are already doing ? Something where every single day, your students would be wearing your schools values, whilst at the same time being reminded of their place in the world as global citizens and change makers.

The fast fashion industry which includes the school uniform space, for decades has been ethically and morally questionable. An untold story unceremoniously unveiled in the documentary 'The True Cost . You can take a look at the trailer HERE

Yet of the 10000 + schools across Australia, only FOUR have their students wearing sustainable, ethically made 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polo's.

Socially & Environmentally conscious grassroots purchasing is where change happens. So RREPP congratulates our wonderful clients Lane Cove West, Rozelle, Turner and Orange Grove Primary School's for taking action and purchasing a more ethical and healthier uniform option for their students, with the support of their school communities.

So if your School would like to know more, just contact us at [email protected] . The best change happens when we are in full control of making that change happen. So this is a loud shout out to all Primary School P&C's !

No one ever made a difference in this world by being like everyone else ! We would love to have you on board !

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. [email protected]

Social Enterprise specialising in:

Fairtrade Certified Match quality Sports Balls
Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos & Tees
Organic & Fairtrade Certified Corporate Polos & Tees

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Posted in breaking the poverty cycle on Wednesday 10th June 2020


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