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RREPP Update + Free Gift Offer For World Fairtrade Day 9th May 2020


Hi Everyone. We hope our latest newsletter finds you all safe and well.

There is no doubt that things have been pretty tough for everyone of late. Yes we are all in this together, yet we also need to recognise that some are doing it tougher than others. For RREPP it has certainly been a very challenging time in the evolution of our business. We have been in lockdown along with our ethically aligned Fairtrade certified supply chains overseas. And our main customer base which is our Schools, Sporting Clubs and many of our Corporates, have also been in lockdowns which has been tough on everyone.

Yet it has been especially difficult for our overseas workers of whom most come from vulnerable communities. And whose Governments have not been as generous or concerning for their citizen's welfare compared to countries like Australia. Yet as a truly ethically aligned and sustainable business, RREPP's focus during the pandemic has remained fixated on our core values which align the following:

1) Being grateful for what we have and appreciative of our workers and customers for continuing to be supportive during these challenging times (see the above video from RREPP's Founding Director Scott Goddard)

2) Ensuring our workers are ok, and not just through our words yet through our actions as well.

Committing to the latter during these difficult times has been extremely important to us. And has been achieved via the following actions by the RREPP business:

i) Supporting our workers wages by 100% honouring our order committments. Many major retail brands throughout Australia & the World have abruptly cancelled orders with their supply chains. Orders previously committed to, including completed orders, without any payments having been made. Behaviour that has left many businesses and workers in developing countries destitute. In contrast, RREPP, with the support of our customers, have not only honoured all orders we have committed to, we have also either paid in full for orders almost completed before shutdowns were enforced, or paid 50% deposits up front for orders not yet started. So helping play a part in our workers being paid an income during India's lockdowns. Income that has been supplemented by the businesses we work with.

ii) Staying in constant contact with our executive teams overseas who are ensuring workers rights, safety and mental health are being monitored.

iii) Monitoring and assisting workers who may be in more vulnerable positions than others during isolation. So in conjuction with our supply chain Unions, Welfare Officers have been placed on call to assist workers where required.

iv) Behind the scenes development of new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) to ensure workers will be returning to even safer, more well equiped and hygenic work places in a post Covid-19 environment.

The great news also is that over the coming weeks, our workers will be gradually heading back to work. Starting at 30% capacity, and then gradually increasing to full capacity over the coming weeks. And through our great relationship with our supply chains, they have committed to getting all our exisiting orders back on track, and as close as possible (within a few weeks) to meeting original deadlines. So this is very exciting news for everyone concerned.

And one last piece of good news. Tomorrow, Saturday 9th May, is World Fairtrade Day. With the very apt message this year being 'CELEBRATING OUR STRENGTH TOGETHER' using the hashtag #FairtradeTogether . So on World Fairtrade Day RREPP will be celebrating the farmers who grow the organic cotton for our amazing custom made Tee's and School Uniform Polo's. The workers who make our products. And you our customers who have committed to supporting Fairtrade by purchasing ethically, and making a difference to so many of our workers lives, their families and communities.

And to help celebrate World Fairtrade Day, WE HAVE A GREAT OFFER FOR YOU. If you purchase any one of our Fairtrade Certified Match Sports Balls from our ONLINE SHOP, we will give you FREE OF CHARGE any one of our Organic Fairtrade Tees, PLUS any one of our Organic Fairtrade Caps. Just make your purchase HERE , and on checkout in the 'SPECIAL DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS' box, type in the exact details of the T-shirt and Cap you would like for free - don't forget to specifiy colour, style and size where appropriate. This offer is for our Newsletter Subscribers only, and will not be advertised on our website. This special offer will end on 20th May 2020.

Thanks again for your great support.  

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in rrepp news & updates on Friday 8th May 2020


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