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A Founding Director With Purpose

I absolutely thrive at the challenge of being the Founding Director of RREPP. A business that strives for transparency and fairness by putting the environment and the people who make our products first. It's what Fairtrade is all about.

As you know, one of our products is our range of Fairtrade certified Match and International Match quality Sports Balls. The Best & Fairest in Australia. Perfect for Schools and Sporting Clubs wishing to add a social justice component into their sporting programs. Such a small purchasing policy change, yet something that will have a massive positive impact on peoples lives and their communities who are rarely given a voice.

So contact me direct at scott@rrepp.com.au if you are interested in making the change to RREPP in 2020. Our next ordering deadline is only 2 weeks away on the 1st October, with all deliveries being made at the beginning of the new year in 2020. Coz the planet's watching !


Scott Goddard
Founding Director
m. 0422 004 954

e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in the power of leadership on Thursday 19th September 2019


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