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Fairtrade Fortnight & New RREPP Product Launch !

Well what a hectic year it has been for RREPP so far in 2019. Fantastic new clients coming on board, exciting collaborations, combined with existing client partnerships that continue to grow and thrive. It's a big newsletter this month yet we guarrantee it will be worth your while to make it through to the end !!

In July we produced and delivered over 3300 custom made Organic & Fairtrade T-shirts for the second year in a row to Flight Centre Travel Groups Global Gathering in Las Vegas. A company very much attuned to its Corporate Social Responsibility and whose staff certainly know how to celebrate at these end of financial year award ceremonies ! 

We have formed a collaboration with the Catholic Mission to produce over 150 'Socktober' branded soccer balls using our newly launched Hi-Tech Fairtrade Match Hybrid Ball. Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission to use the World Game as part of a humanitarian focus. It encourages schools and sporting clubs to get involved in fundraising and engaging in advocacy in the month of October during World Mission Month. More on this in the coming months.

Through a philanthropic donation RREPP also produced 180 'Gender Equality' branded Fairtrade Rugby League Match Balls which we transported to Papua New Guinea. It was here that these Balls were put to good use by NRL-PNG where they are using Rugby League as part of their educational programs for kids. As well as Gender Equality and Empowerment programs for women taking up the game in a country where domestic violence is a major issue.  

Repeat orders for our unique ethically made Organic & Fairtrade School Uniform Polo's also continue to come in thick and fast. We would certainly love to see more Schools take up the challenge though and seriously consider making the change to a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible Uniform Polo option for their students. There is no better way for School's to express their values than by having their students wearing their values - every single day of the year


1)  If you have purchased one of our products recently, you would have noticed it was packaged in one our new Green Compost-A-Pak satchels. Made from corn and plastic free, they are certified by the major global certifying bodies across Europe, North America and Australasia. They have even passed the Eco-Toxicity and Worm Test which is unique to the Australian Standard. This is yet another initiative where RREPP continues to lower it's footprint on our planet.

2) We've also introduced some new Black and White Unisex lower neckline Organic Fairtrade Tees to add in with our crew necks. The perfect fashion basic for everyone's wardrobe.

You can grab one direct from our online shop HERE     

3) And here's the big news. We've recently launched our new lead in Fairtrade Match Hybrid Soccer Ball. This ball is going to supersede our popular hand stitched lead in Match Ball, and provide much more bang for buck at the same time.  It's Hi-tech mechanised bonded & stitched with DUALTECH Hybrid technology. Excellent performance with high durability. And is made to FIFA quality Pro specifications and standards. Check out our new promotional launch video below. And if you want to pre order some of these balls, we have 20 x Size 5's and 20 x Size 4's arriving on the 15th September ready for delivery.

So head to our online shop HERE and make a purchase if you'd like to be one of the first in Australia to own one. 



Fairtrade Fortnight is also now upon us and runs through until August 15th. For RREPP Fairtrade is all about bringing to centre stage the amazing hard working people who help us create our uniquely made products. From our farmers, right through to the stitchers who apply the final touches to our Sports Balls and our Organic School Uniforms Polo's, Corporate Polo's and Tees. It's about Empowerment, Fair Pay, Fair Working Conditions, Gender Equality, and supporting communities who are working their way out of poverty through Fairtrade.

So in celebration of not just Fairtrade fortnight, yet Fairtrade All Year, and with our new product lines now launched, it is in with the new and out with the old. So until further notice, we will be selling off the remainder of our Organic & Fairtrade Caps and RREPP branded Tee's for only $9.90. Grab some while you can at:


We appreciate your support.

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in rrepp news & updates on Monday 29th July 2019


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