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Purchasing With Purpose

In 2013 when RREPP was launched, we didn't know if our key business objectives were going to be attainable or not. We were starting to see many brands using the word 'Ethical' more frequently in their marketing. Yet we soon found out that when these businesses were asked the right questions, they were frequently unable to back their rhetoric.

We didn't want to become one of these businesses. 

6 years on and RREPP has gone from strength to strength. With Social Justice & Environmental sustainability remaining our core objectives. Backed by third party Fairtrade & Organic auditing bodies to make us accountable.

And during this time we have gradually built an action orientated client base, who truly understand the power of their purchasing. How when making ethical choices, they can transform the lives of workers, families and communities around the world. From those who make the sports balls that millions of us play with, to the clothes we wear everyday.

The garment industry remains one the dirtiest in the world. Both socially and environmentally. Yet RREPP has been able to transform it into one of the cleanest. Through using a unique supply chain from grower through to final stitch, that is 100% Organic and Fairtrade. And we are lucky to have found clients who are motivated to 'Walk the Talk' as well. Who back their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statements with action rather than words. 

From the amazing Flight Centre Travel Group who in 2018 contracted RREPP to produce over 3500 custom made Tee's for their highest achieving staff attending their biggest Global Gathering event of the year in Berlin. To the Christian Football Federation of Australia (CFFA) who use RREPP's top tier Phoenix Pro Soccer Balls as their ball of choice at their annual National titles. Through to the School's who now have their students wearing our healthy & ethical 100% Organic Fairtrade uniform polos.     

These are exciting times where RREPP has become more bolder and beautiful as a business. Helped by a growing group of Corporates, Schools & Sporting Clubs who themselves are wanting to break into new ground in the Social Justice space. There are always barriers. Yet Organisations that are serious about their CSR find a way.

Inspiration creates passion and innovation. From there, becoming a 'FOR PURPOSE' business is merely a formality. More on our dedication to 'Transparency & Fairness' can be found on our website HERE

We look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

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Posted in inspiring initiatives on Sunday 27th January 2019


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