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Ethical School Uniforms & Corporate Swag That Won't Cost The Planet !

Do you know who makes your School Uniform Polos ? Or the Corporate Tee's or Polo's your company purchases for their big events and conferences held every year ? You're not alone if the answer is No !

RREPP is currently on an ambitious campaign to scale up our business to be able to have an even greater impact for both people and planet in the Fairtrade and Organics space. To provide even more business to our 100% Fairtrade and GOT's organic supply chain, which in turn will mean more financial support being provided to our cotton growing communties who are producing the clean, high quality organic cotton that is used in all of our garments, 

Some statistics from our supply chain worth noting. Organic cotton grown without chemicals is safer for our farmers, cleaner and healthier for our own bodies, especially our kids, and low impact on the environment. Yet only 0.7% of the world's cotton production is organically grown. Some other impressive environmental stats achieved through our organic initiatives include the following:

1) A 46% percent reduction in global warming potential
2) A 70% reduction in soil acidification
3) A 26% reduction in farm land soil erosion
4) A 62% reduction in non-renewable energy demand
5) A 91% reduction in blue water consumption

Add to this a Fairtrade Certification that provides better working conditions, wages, gender equality and safer & fairer work practices, then what RREPP has created is a range of Organic & Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polo's & Corporate Polo's and Tees that are some of the most socially and environmentally conscious found anywhere in Australia. Simply put we have taken one of the dirtiest and exploitive industries in the world which is the fashion industry, and turned it into one of the cleanest.

So is your School or Organisation ready to make the SWAP to RREPP ?. 

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au  

Images 1 & 3: Courtesy of Fairtrade Australia - 'Cleanest Uniform in Australia Campaign'
Image 2: Is it time to ask your existing supplier about 'Who Makes Your Clothes'
Image 4: Rozelle Public School - one of Australia's trail blazing Schools who have been purchasing RREPP's 100% Organic & Fairtrade Uniform Polo's for the past 3 years
Image 5: Over 3500 Flight Centre Staff wearing RREPP's socially and environmentally conscious custom branded Tee's at their annual Global Gathering in Berlin in July 2018

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Posted in unique supply chains on Monday 8th October 2018


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