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Is Your Organisation Looking For An Ethical Supplier ?

Since receiving top honours by Baptist World Aid in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report, RREPP has now positioned itself as one of Australia's leading ethical suppliers to Schools, Sporting Clubs and Businesses in general who have social justice and the environment at the core of their mission.  

RREPP launched as an Ethical social enterprise in 2013 and targeted two of the most exploitive business sectors globally. The garment industry, with a particular focus on the Uniform Polo's and Tees commonly purchased by Schools and Corporate Organisations. And the sports ball manufacturing industry which is dominated by some of the world's biggest brands. Yet big on branding doesn't necessarily mean big on ethics, and this is where RREPP over the past 4 years has come into its own.

We are now producing some of the highest quality Organic and Fairtrade School Uniform Polo's, Corporate Polo's and Tees in Australia, simply by spending time and money on creating one of the most unique & ethical supply chains found anywhere in the world. A supply chain that supports workers and the environment every step of the way. From the organic cotton farmers who grow the chemical free organic cotton that our garments are made from, through to the last stitch being applied to our amazing match and international match sports balls. We live in a world where cheap mass production dominates, yet unfortunately this comes at a huge cost to the people making these products, their families and of course the environment.

RREPP's School Uniform Polo's, Corporate Polo's, Tees and Sports Balls simply reflect our committment to people and planet. Just because workers in far away third world countries cannot be seen, it should not be viewed as a green light to exploit. RREPP is a third party audited Fairtrade certified business that also supports Organic production processes. And for everything we produce, a percentage is put back into the communities we help support. Our products are also made to the highest quality, which equates to a longer lasting purchase that has less impact on the environment through reducing landfill and wastage. We stumbled across a great saying recently which stated ' The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten'. Definitely something to think about when updating your existing purchasing policies.

So to all Schools, P&C Uniform Shop committees, Sporting Clubs and Corporate Businesses in general, our question is, are you interested in taking your everyday purchasing to a completely new level via working with a supplier that supports your own Social Justice initiatives and 'Green' programs.  The second half of every year from July through to December is our busiest for talking to Organisations who would like to take action, and who are serious about creating meaningful change within their own purchasing policies & CSR committments. 

If you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you. The next 3 -4 months is when we start taking orders for early 2018 deliveries. We've done all the hard work, all we need is for your Organisation to consider getting on board. Are you ready to make the swap to RREPP ?

Our Website: CLICK HERE
Our Testimonials: CLICK HERE

Scott Goddard
Founding Director RREPP

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au   .     

Posted in unique supply chains on Monday 10th July 2017

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5 Days Left - Up to 80% Off Fairtrade Organic Tee's, Caps & Sports Balls

Are you ready to take the PLUNGE and grab yourself a Fairtrade bargain before our 30th June deadline.

Up to 80% off RREPP's Fairtrade TEAM, MATCH, & INTERNATIONAL Soccer Balls and Netballs online through Harvey Norman's The School Locker. Prices starting from only $9.00. So get in there to grab the last of what we have left !! 


PLUS RREPP's Organic & Fairtrade Cotton Tee's and Caps (5 colour options and two styles) are also back on SALE for only $10.00 each


Only 5 Days left and counting ! RREPP - coz the planet's watching

Posted in rrepp news & updates on Sunday 25th June 2017

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Stepping Back To School In Organic & Fairtrade Uniform Polo's

Is Your School Ready to Add A Socially & Environmentally Conscious Uniform Option Into Your School Uniform Shop ? 

Everyday in our Business we are constantly looking at new ways in which we can create something unique and inspiring for our clients, that gets us all involved  in creating a better world tomorrow. Having recently been awarded Baptist World Aid Australia's highest A+ ranking in their 2017 Ethical Fashion Report, ranking above over 300 Australian Fashion brands, it has given RREPP the incentive to continue to pursue innovative ways to create meaningful change through action rather than words.   

And so in this months BLOG we want to bring to your attention our latest promotional video. It introduces Kids, Parents, Teachers, P&C Committees and Principals across Australia to our newly developed ethically made Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos. Polo's that bring Social Justice and Environmental awareness into the minds of all of us, especially our children, and on an everyday basis. Our aim is to encourage Australian school's to make the swap away from their conventionally made Uniform Polos, and to consider purchasing something that is more sustainable and that also has positive social impact.

Dressing our next Generation in Organic & Fairtrade is not just a local initiative, it's also a powerful global one, which helps support 100's of workers, families and communities that make up RREPP's ethical supply chains. There is no better way to show our values than to WEAR OUR VALUES, and this is what RREPP's new School Uniform Polo's are giving our Schools, our kids, our future leaders, the opportunity to do !

So read our Testimonials ,  check out our Website , and above all take a look at our new video below, and envisage how inspiring it would be to see students across Australia stepping back to school in Polo's that are designed to make a difference. Would you like to know more - then simply contact us at info@rrepp.com.au or on 0422 004 954 - coz the planet's watching !




Scott Goddard
Founding Director RREPP

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Tuesday 20th June 2017

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International Fairtrade Soccer Balls - 70% Discount LIMITED OFFER !

Hi Everyone

As you know, our Stockist Harvey Norman's 'The School Locker' have recently been clearing out our old stock via a remarkable SALE. All our lead in Match Balls for Soccer and Netball have been reduced from $50.00 to only $9.00 as have our recreational Team Soccer balls. Some categories have sold out, yet there are still a small number of Match Soccer Balls and Netballs left for $9.00, along with some of our Team balls. Delivery charges have also been reduced to most destinations.

FROM TODAY THOUGH,  'The School Locker' & RREPP would now like to offer an added EOFY special deal on our two Higher Tier International Style Soccer Balls which are suitable for higher level players and teams. The first offer is on our hand stitched Evolution Ball and the second is on our Thermally Bonded Galaxy Ball. We normally retail both these balls for $99.00 each with the Galaxy the pick of the two being thermally bonded. Yet both are excellent higher tier products.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL. The Evolution is now being sold for only $28.00 and the Galaxy for $32.00 - that's around 70% OFF. Yet there are only 25 Evolution Balls left and 43 Galaxy Balls, so it's simply a matter of first in first served. We hope these prices provide a great incentive to add some higher level Fairtrade sports balls into your sporting kits. To make your purchases, just click on the following link -  http://theschoollocker.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=rrepp  . Thanks as always for your fantastic support.

Scott Goddard
Founding Director rrepp

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

rrepp on YouTube
rrepp Testimonials

Posted in rrepp news & updates on Wednesday 7th June 2017

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RREPP Awarded TOP GONG in Ethical Fashion Report !

Every year, Baptist World Aid Australia puts together a comprehensive report targeting over 330 Australian fashion brands, and grades each brand on how well they understand their supply chains, and on the strength of their systems to mitigate against the risks of forced labour, child labour and exploitation which is so prevalent in the fashion industry today. Each brand is then given a ranking from A+ down to F (Fail). Well the 2017 Ethical Fashion report has been released today and proudly RREPP, along with only three other fashion labels Australia wide, has been awarded the top A+ ranking in this report.

Scott Goddard, the Founding Director of RREPP had this to say :

'Being only a very young business having launched as a startup in March 2013, we are extremely excited that RREPP has received such positive recognition, especially from third party organisations such as Baptist World Aid Australia. Right from the start we made our position very clear that we were going to create a unique business model that ethically supports every aspect of our hard working supply chains, from the growers of our pure organic cotton, right through to the amazing people who put the final stitch to our products. Our vision therefore was to create something significantly different to the fast fashion, mass producing type business models that we knew were flawed and clearly unsustainable. In a world where everything seems to be purely focussed on profits, it is no wonder that human rights, workers rights and the environment, get completely left behind.

As a business, RREPP also wanted to focus on engaging with consumers about the power of their purchasing. About how when empowered to make ethical choices we can transform the lives of workers, families and communities throughout the world who are rarely given a voice. Whether it be through our newly launched Organic and Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polos, or our Match and International Match quality sportsballs. In many ways what we have created is an old fashion sustainable business model yet one that also embraces fully the use of modern technologies. Our carbon footprint is low, we only custom produce what is needed by our clients on an order by order basis which creates minimal wastage, and we package our garments using only biodegradeable materials. Transparency, fairness and putting our workers and the environment first will always be our highest priority.'

To check out the 2017 Australian Ethical Fashion Report,  just go direct to our website HERE and download yourself a free copy. And if your School, Sporting Club or Business would like to know more about what we do, and to find out how easy it is to make the swap to Fairtrade, then don't hesitate to contact Scott Goddard direct at scott@rrepp.com.au or on 0422 004 954.

View us on YouTube   /   Read our Testimonials   /   Check out our Website 

* RREPP is a Sydney Northern Beaches based Social Enterprise creating high quality custom made Organic & Fairtrade School Uniform Polos, Corporate Polos and Tees, and a range of Fairtrade Match quality sports balls.

Posted in rrepp news & updates on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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