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Ethical School Uniforms & Corporate Swag That Won't Cost The Planet !

Do you know who makes your School Uniform Polos ? Or the Corporate Tee's or Polo's your company purchases for their big events and conferences held every year ? You're not alone if the answer is No !

RREPP is currently on an ambitious campaign to scale up our business to be able to have an even greater impact for both people and planet in the Fairtrade and Organics space. To provide even more business to our 100% Fairtrade and GOT's organic supply chain, which in turn will mean more financial support being provided to our cotton growing communties who are producing the clean, high quality organic cotton that is used in all of our garments, 

Some statistics from our supply chain worth noting. Organic cotton grown without chemicals is safer for our farmers, cleaner and healthier for our own bodies, especially our kids, and low impact on the environment. Yet only 0.7% of the world's cotton production is organically grown. Some other impressive environmental stats achieved through our organic initiatives include the following:

1) A 46% percent reduction in global warming potential
2) A 70% reduction in soil acidification
3) A 26% reduction in farm land soil erosion
4) A 62% reduction in non-renewable energy demand
5) A 91% reduction in blue water consumption

Add to this a Fairtrade Certification that provides better working conditions, wages, gender equality and safer & fairer work practices, then what RREPP has created is a range of Organic & Fairtrade certified School Uniform Polo's & Corporate Polo's and Tees that are some of the most socially and environmentally conscious found anywhere in Australia. Simply put we have taken one of the dirtiest and exploitive industries in the world which is the fashion industry, and turned it into one of the cleanest.

So is your School or Organisation ready to make the SWAP to RREPP ?. 

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au  

Images 1 & 3: Courtesy of Fairtrade Australia - 'Cleanest Uniform in Australia Campaign'
Image 2: Is it time to ask your existing supplier about 'Who Makes Your Clothes'
Image 4: Rozelle Public School - one of Australia's trail blazing Schools who have been purchasing RREPP's 100% Organic & Fairtrade Uniform Polo's for the past 3 years
Image 5: Over 3500 Flight Centre Staff wearing RREPP's socially and environmentally conscious custom branded Tee's at their annual Global Gathering in Berlin in July 2018

Posted in unique supply chains on Monday 8th October 2018

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If It's Not FAIRTRADE It's Not Fair Play !

Every September we put together our Sports Ball orders for Schools across Australia to ensure deliveries in time for the start of the new School Year in 2019. We have a growing number of Schools who through their understanding of the RREPP story, are now thinking beyond the major Brands, and focusing more on the individuals who make our products, their families, and the communities in which they live. 'Work Poverty' is a real issue in developing countries where lower paid workers such as Sports Ball stitchers and garment makers, still cannot put enough food on the table or send their kids to school, due to unacceptable working conditions.

The bigger brands in the Sports Ball industry are well known. Yet exactly where they sit in the 'Fair Play' stakes when it comes to the people who make their products is debatable ?

RREPP's No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears promo video below, in just 60 seconds invites everyone to think more deeply about the impact of their purchasing. Turning a blind eye to worker exploitation & child labour in the quest for cheaper products, will never play a part in creating a better world for the millions of families who continue to live in poverty. Our Global Communities, who are rarely given a voice, deserve so much more than this.

RREPP's challenge to all Schools throughout Australia is to support Fairtrade. And not by just talking about Fairtrade, yet by also taking action through the sourcing and purchasing of Fairtrade certified products wherever possible. Our deadline for Schools for putting in orders for our Match quality Fairtrade Sports Balls (Soccer / Netball / Rugby / Touch / League / Futsal) for 2019 deliveries is before the end of 3rd Term in September.

So is your local School ready to take up the challenge and start supporting 'Fair Play' both on and off the field ? The ball is in your court !

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Posted in for the love of sport on Sunday 2nd September 2018

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Flight Centre Shines A Light On Corporate Social Responsibility

Is it any wonder that the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) was recently awarded the best Travel Agency Group at the 2018 National Travel Industry Awards. The award recognised the company’s commitment to delivering amazing travel experiences, right from initial daydreaming to arriving home ready to plan the next trip. Yet what we also love about Flight Centre is their can-do approach that is also embodied in their Corporate Social Impact and Engagement area. Their CSR is delivered through the Brighter Futures program – Building Brighter Futures, Where We Work, Live and Travel which harnesses the collective goodness of their people to drive initiatives that truly make a difference.    

Every July, Flight Centre hold their annual Global Gathering organised by their events arm cievents. This epic event brings together over 3500 of the company’s best and brightest staff from all over the world to celebrate the year’s success.

The celebrations included highlighting the Brighter Futures program, and RREPP was asked to create over 3500 custom branded Organic & Fairtrade Tees for all delegates and sponsors to wear throughout this event. T-shirts made from our unique and dedicated Organic & Fairtrade certified supply chain. From our organic cotton growers all the way through to the spinning and dyeing of the fabrics, to exact pantone colour matching, final garment production, printing, quality control and then delivery to Berlin in Germany, RREPP was there every step of the way, turning this great concept into reality.

The Flight Centre Foundation, FCTG’s philanthropic arm, also shined a light on an amazing charity called SolarBuddy, which is dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to change the lives of children living in energy poverty.  FCTG staff have committed to building 10,000 SolarBuddy lights to be delivered to communities in Cambodia. To see the amazing work that SolarBuddy is achieving, visit their website solarbuddy.org or have a listen to Founder and CEO Simon Doble in this short video:   

Corporations, large and small, do have the ability to change the world by taking their CSR commitments seriously and putting words into ACTION. Big Business and other organisations such as Schools can help enterprises such as RREPP and SolarBuddy scale up, to create a much bigger impact and real social change. No one has ever made a difference in this world by being like everyone else, so we can only thank FCTG for putting their commitment to CSR at the forefront of the way that they do business - whilst also having a pretty good time along the way!       

Scott Goddard
Director & Founder

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Images Courtesy of Flight Centre Travel Group and SolarBuddy

Posted in inspiring initiatives on Friday 10th August 2018

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T-Shirts That Remove The Shadow Of Doubt (FREE OFFER INCLUDED)

More than 1.6 million farmers and workers are part of the Fairtrade system globally. It sounds like a lot, yet in the bigger picture scheme of things, it is a mere spit in the ocean ! In fact the majority of everyday products made today that we all buy and use, are made by workers struggling to stay above the poverty line. 

This year Fairtrade Fortnight is on between 3-16 AUGUST which is your chance to support workers who are rarely given a voice, and to let others know in your friendship, family and social media networks to do the same. It's all about wherever possible, making more ethical choices in your everyday shopping and corporate purchasing.

As you know RREPP has a strong focus on the sports ball industry and trying to get Sporting Clubs and Schools to lead the way and understand the massive difference they can make through buying Fairtrade. 

We also have a strong focus in changing one of the dirtiest industries environmentally and socially, into one of the cleanest, with our uniquely custom produced 100% Organic and Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos and Corporate Polos and Tees. 

So in celebration of upcoming Fairtrade Fortnight, RREPP has released a NEW RANGE of high quality UNISEX blank Tees in Red, Black, White and Yellow colours and in sizes XS through to 3XL. And with every purchase of one of these amazing Tees, we have set up our online shop so you can also purchase one of our RREPP branded Black or White Mens or Ladies Tees FREE OF CHARGE . We will be running this offer right up until the end of Fairtrade Fortnight on 16th August. 

To take advantage of this great offer, simply click HERE to be redirected to our online shop. 

Modern Day slavery is still a huge issue for many workers around the world, yet this is something Fairtrade, with your help, is looking to eradicate. Thanks as always for your support.

Scott Goddard
Founding Director

m. 0422 004 954
e. scott@rrepp.com.au

Image Courtesy of Fairtrade Australia

Posted in unique supply chains on Monday 23rd July 2018

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RREPP 'Represents' at Rugby's Bingham Cup Netherlands

Have you heard of the Sydney Convicts Rugby Union Football Club ? Or the Bingham Cup for that matter ?

The Convicts were formed in 2004 and are Australia's first gay and inclusive Rugby Club. They are committed to building a competitive, social and diverse team who welcome players from all levels of experience. Whilst their primary aim is to enjoy the great game of rugby in a prejudice free environment, as part of their journey they have also broken down barriers and challenged stereotypes, not just on the rugby field, yet also in the wider community.

The Convicts are presently over in Amsterdam competing in the Bingham Cup which is held every 2 years, and is recognised as the world championship of gay and inclusive men's and women's rugby. It kicks off today and runs through until the 10th June, bringing together more than 1600 players from over 60 different clubs, from all over the world. 

The Convicts, who have won the Bingham Cup on 4 seperate occassions, have taken across to Amsterdam a number of RREPP's Fairtrade certified Match Rugby Balls to train with throughout the tournament, in support of community, sustainability and inclusiveness. The team have just had their Captain's run before taking the field today for their first round of matches. Check out the quick clip we have just uploaded onto our Facebook page showing RREPP's Match Ball and the players being put through their final paces www.facebook.com/rrepp-407398129306462 .

RREPP wishes coach Peter Hammond and the Sydney Convicts all the best for a fantastic tournament. And who knows, maybe even a 5th Cup Victory come Grand Final day on the 10th June #breakingdownthebarriers #coztheplanetswatching

Posted in for the love of sport on Friday 8th June 2018

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