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"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Anon.

RREPP is a Sydney Northern Beaches based business that has grown from a mere seed thought in the mind of Socialpreneur and Founding Director Scott Goddard. Having worked in the area of Fairtrade since 2007, 2012 was set aside as a year of extensive research and preparation, before the unique RREPP business was officially launched in March 2013.

The goal was to take an almost unattainable business objective, and turn it into a full blown reality. With the key objective being to run an engaging & transparent Corporate enterprise, yet with Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability at the core of its mission. And not just in part. 100% through every step and every aspect of its supply chain. From the amazing and dedicated growers of our natural raw materials, right through to the last stitch being applied by our workers during the final stages of production. And we required every business involved throughout the process to be formally certified by globally recognised third parties. Your only real guarantee that a business is walking the talk in regards to their socially aligned mission statements.

We also wanted to engage consumers to understand more about the power of their purchasing. How being empowered to make ethical choices can transform the lives of workers, families and communities that provide us with the clothes we wear, or the sports balls that millions of kids and adults play with around the world everyday - from mini league to World Cups ! The facts are that most major brands globally know very little about what is going on within their own supply chains, or simply choose to turn a blind eye !

RREPP as an Australian business is Fairtrade Certified & Licensed, Social Traders Certified, and supports Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified businesses which is the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. Our garment factories are also SA8000 certified which is the leading certification for meeting ethical labor standards. And our Sports Ball factory is ISO 9001 certified. All these governing bodies embrace very strong social & environmental criteria, and provide third party audits to ensure that standards are maintained and strictly adhered to. 

Our signature range of Sports Balls, made up of Soccer, Futsal, Netball, Rugby Union, Touch Football and Rugby League, are all minimum match quality and cater to players of all levels. RREPP's Soccer range extends even further into the realms of innovation and advanced technologies, via our Hybrid Match Balls and our Hi Tech Thermally Bonded International Phoenix balls. All put through the same rigid testing as any of the highest standard FIFA Quality PRO balls sold anywhere in the world. Check out some of our testimonials HERE

Our cotton caps are made with 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified cotton, and include an innovative natural rubber visor. An Australian first and made in two iconic styles - baseball and military.

And our beautifully made RREPP branded Classic Cotton Tees and custom made Polo shirts (for School Uniforms, Clubs & Businesses) are made with only the finest quality ring spun Organic and Fairtrade certified cottons.

Organic cotton is safer for our farmers to grow, cleaner and healthier for our bodies, especially for our kids, and low impact on the environment. Yet only 0.7% of the world's cotton production is organically grown.

Some other impressive Environmental statistics achieved through our organic cotton growing initiative include:

1. 46% reduced global warming potential
2. 70% reduced acidification potential
3. 26% reduced soil erosion potential
4. 91% reduced blue water consumption
5. 62% reduced non-renewable energy demand

So from seed to hand, all the way through every aspect of our unique supply chains, our products are the cleanest, healthiest, most socially and environmentally responsible found anywhere in the world. And made to the highest of standards. Feel great about wearing them. Feel great about playing with them. No child labour. No adult exploitation. No chemicals at the grower level. With low impact processes throughout our entire production process. And of course no toxic PVC plastics used in any of our products anywhere.

Happy and healthy producers supporting their families. Growers educated in the most up to date organic and sustainable farming practices available. With many empowered to run their own businesses and encouraged to represent their communities as part of certification decision making committees. Plus children attending school and being provided fully with the gift of education.

A 10% Fairtrade premium is also paid either directly or indirectly on all our products combined with set licensing fees, which are formally directed back into social justice initiatives aligned to education, health as well as dedicated community & regional programs both here and overseas.

RREPP also contributes an additional 5% Fairtrade Compliance fee to our Sports Ball Producer, to assist them with costs associated in maintaining Fairtrade standards for their workers at a factory level.

The benefits are far reaching and have life changing impact. Something we have seen first hand, and that will always remain a major focus within our own business objectives.

And if you are a Corporate Business, School, Sporting Club, Government Organisation, Charity or NGO looking to collaborate on a larger scale, be sure to sign into the 'Corporate Product & Enquiry' area of our website. Here you will find a dedicated service offering customised Corporate branding across our full range. Plus greater diversity of product, unique packaging options, and of course reduced pricing for larger orders.

So if your organisation is looking to make a positive shift in the way it is purchasing now and into the future, then look no futher than RREPP. Independently ranked as one of Australia's most ethical corporate enterprises (*Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report 2018)

We can't wait to start doing business with you - coz the planet's watching !



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